Sunday, 19 August 2012

Storage idea for Tim Holtz Ink Pads–amongst other things…

I look back at my last post before this one and again wonder where time has gone.  So much has happened since the  Brisbane Expo.  I'm sure most of you with kids that are either teenagers or getting close to that age will realise, they need just as much, if not more time allocated to “them”.  Weekends where i would just create and make things for myself are now taken up with creating diaramas with them, helping out with assignments so much at times i feel like i am back at school doing homework again. Then there is the scary part being unsure actually having NO clue what the answers are to some things they want to know – hmm and i thought i was smart back then.    And did i mention sport, sport and more sport.  And if that is not enough there is more sport. And then there is this damn sore heel i have that just will not get better(plantar fasciitis) and you know what it like when you want to do things and you just can’t – well i won’t go into it too much and bore you all but I really don’t like not being 100%.  But all things in perspective - when i see what some friends have been through i need to just suck it up, but at times its hard.   So between kids and working on products that aren’t even due to be released until next year i haven’t a lot to share but there are a few things in the next week or so that i can slowly – and  also have a few exciting classes up my sleeve to hold in the next few months in the lead up to Christmas (but that will have to wait)
What I do want to share is something I love and couldn’t wait to create and naturally I designed this a little selfishly with all my Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads in mind.  Well he keeps on bringing out new colours and i needed a place to put them all and i know how many of my friends have heaps of them as well.  So Cass i hope you are reading this as I'm updating this post just for you…
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This is one of Kaisercraft’s Tower Storage units.  It comes flat packed and you make it up yourself but can you see what fits into each drawer??  EACH drawer holds 12 of the ink pads (come on you do the math – 4 piles of 3 ink pads) – 6 drawers of 12 ink pads = 72 Distress Pads at your disposal. 
Yes i said 72 – I don’t even think he has that many colours yet – so i have been able to colour sort each drawer – blues, browns, reds, greens oranges etc etc….  Love it love it love it…..  This one above I decorated using the new Sears and Son paper range that was released this month -  but to go along with my love for Ranger products I had to also do up the one below for home in all things Tim and here it is which sits lovingly on my desk at home with all my inks in it and stamps on it- OK well some of them…
  The Hitch Fasteners i have used on the  drawers knobs are somewhat a little issue though  – as it seems Ranger has deleted them from their range so i would google these needed little accessories and get your hands on a set as soon as you can as they seem to be harder and harder to get a hold of.
As for painting the edges of this 
– i totally cheated -
i just covered each edge using Tissue Tape before covering the rest with printed paper. 
It actually made the construction of the whole
unit so much quicker not having to wait
around for paint to dry.
  Chat soon – Mel.


Kathie said...

Looks awesome Melissa!!! I probably have 72 ink pads....why??? Coz I keep losing them on my table so I open another one and yes well they pop up soon I probably have 3 of some colour....he hehe hehehe bit naughty really!!!

Cassandra said...

Well well well, you managed to update your blog, well I'll be lol. Love the drawers Mel, they look fantastic. And I think Tim only has about 50 Distress Ink Pads at the moment including the seasonal, but hey, I'm sure there will be more :o)

Cassandra said...

Well, well, well look at that you managed to update your blog lol. Love the drawers Mel, they look fab. I think Tim has about 50 Distress Ink Pads including the seasonal, but hey I'm quietly confident there will be more lol.

Mrs Frizz said...

and it looks totally fabulous [and some] ...