Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Scrap Happy Retreat

Yes I'm still playing catch but nearly there.  I was asked by Kathie to take a couple of classes for a gorgeous group of women who were having a retreat in Nagambie, that was now two weekends ago – where exactly does time disappear .  Unfortunately one of the other instructors had to pull out last minute so i was able to fill the gap up something extra for them and did two classes instead of one.  Anyway hoping you all enjoyed yourself as I know I did and even learned a few new things from the lovely Linda Baldock herself who was there too sharing some of her techniques with the girls.
Thanks again for the invite Kathie….
On the Friday night i did my first class which for me was a bit of fun designing and as its now been taught i thought i would share it with you also.  This is using the Kaisercraft Attitude Collection. Its rare me doing a male layout but my little nephew Eli came around with me sister the other week and when is saw what he was wearing it was perfect, especially when Kathie wanted a male layout for the retreat.
Individual Layout_Mel
INSTRUCTIONS:  Distress  a 12x12” piece of cardboard (from any old box or packaging) by ripping back the top layer of paper showing the corrugations underneath and rip as much as desired.  Ensure these these corrugations are running vertically and randomly swipe white paint across the cardboard, giving the effect that you have used a texture paste.  Then stamp the Kaisercraft grafitti texture stamp in various positions. Ink around the edges of the cardboard.
Cut the bottom strip off TROUBLE (yellow) and then tear a piece from the bottom edge.  Ink edges if desired. Adhere across the bottom of the cardboard base. Using the remainder, cut an 11cm x 16.5 cm rectangle to matte photograph (RED side). 
em906-500x500Wrap a piece of leather strap around the bottom edge - adhere strap in place at back using tape.  The black leather strap and the metal tag was actually from an old collection REWIND – picture left.
Tear a large rectangle from REBEL (black side), again ink edges if desired and adhere on a slight angle over the top of the yellow piece.
Adhere small piece of plasterers mesh to the right side of the black piece.
Adhere the matted photograph to the background using foam tape with the smaller photograph on an angle just underneath the lower left edge and a tag from the collectables pack under the top edge.
To complete, embellish as desired using collectables. Use foam tape to add dimension when adhering.
Use alphas as desired to add relevant title.

Scraphappy Layout_MelGreen Layout_Mel
And above double layout was my second class.  Kathie supplied the “retreat” chippie and asked me to help her out of a spot of bother, being an instructor down and see i can can do something with it. I had a stash of an old Websters pages in my garage so mixed along with the new MissMatch range from Kaiser craft i was able to come up this double layout for the girls.
thats all for now, tomorrow i will have a few pics from our weekend at Halls Gap.


Kathie said...

You know Melissa we had a ball with you and I'm hoping that you come to our next August retreat.....loved having you.....I have a cd of the retreat for you....will send it your way soonish!! Mwah lovely lady....thanks again

Anonymous said...

Definitely had a ball. I didn't get to do this call but bought the pack and took a photo to have a go. Loved meeting you. Anthea