Wednesday, 10 August 2011


This really feels all wrong!!!!  The brace I was allowed to wear in the States on my arm was on the bases i was “good” and didn’t take it off much.  Well i didn’t “much” – but a girl needs to shower and do her hair…   But you don’t realise how much you actually use your hands for until you can't.  Do you know how much work you can do with a broken wrist – NOT MUCH!!!  and its very frustrating when its your right arm and you are right handed…  couldn’t do without Richelle and Kylie at work at the moment.
Anyway to cut a long story short it was aching quite a bit and Doc asked me to get it re-xrayed.  i guess the little black brace will be put away for now as wrist has been recast…. hmmmm
Do you know how plain and boring a waterproof cast is….
and how much fun you can have with Ranger Adirondack Color Washes…..  It said once heated they are set, well i sprayed, blended and then out came the heat tool.   i now have a cast in my favourite colours.  what to do to it next is my question to you?????????
now this looks better!!!!
Now it looks like it should be on my arm…. Hopefully only for a couple of weeks. 


Rebecca Beattie said...

Hope it heals quick for ya Mel. Love the colour... maybe some rubons need to be added??? LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow - crafting supplies have taken on a whole new meaning in your house ... love it ... a flower or two wouldn't go astray and perhaps a little bling.

Would have to be a little purple on my arm - just saying.

Hope the body mends itself, sooner, rather than later.

Kathie said...

Melissa you are such a trick!!! Only you would do something like that....rotfl

Moonie said...

Hi Mel, I am just wondering if you can help me please. I am trying to upload my layout for the August #4 challenge to the KC blog. It is my first time to ever do this so i am a bit lost. Thanks
My email is