Tuesday, 2 August 2011

CHA Update Part 2 New Releases

Welcome to our booth #722
IMG_0384as mentioned in part 1 – it was great to arrive on the stand on the Sunday morning at the beginning of the show set up and find all our crates and product etc had arrived and had already been delivered to the stand – even the carpet was laid – all ready and waiting for us to turn up.
the stand was white and bright like in the past and using the same set up as last show made things especially easy and we knew how the set up was to go.  we released 6 new ranges for the next quarter and a number of new core products which personally im a little excited about especially the mini paper blooms to match the colours of the larger ones. the pics below im a little disappointed with and was hoping to take more but due to my wrist it just didn’t happen so i hope you can get a glimpse of what the stand was like.   it really did look hot but you will have to take my word for it.
13th Hour
Hunt and Gather
Miss Nelly
December 25th
Silly Season
New mini paper blooms and flourishes
Make and Take
if you want to see a closer look at our new releases here is a short powerpoint that i have put together.  since i didn’t do the stand as much justice with the photographs i am hoping that this will make up for it.  Ive put one of my favourite songs to this – so if you don’t like the music – just turn down your volume now…. make sure you check products out yourself in real life at your local scrap store as im sure you will love what Kaisercraft has in store for you over the next few months. (press the little button with the four arrow in the bottom right corner for full screen view)

Thanks for taking the time to look.  Over the next couple of posts i will share a few of the projects that were made for the stand by both myself and some other gorgeous wonderfully talented designers who i can't thank enough for their help in the lead up to CHA.
Chat soon


Alanna said...

Everything is just divine!!! Loved the slideshow - was nice to be able to see everything nice and clearly. Although I love watching the vids from CHA it's sometimes hard to see the detail!

I can't even pick a favourite, they all look so versatile! Even 13th hour which I was a little unsure about.

Jules said...

great blog updates of CHA Melissa

HarmonySweetpea said...

Oooooh love Bonjour. Can't wait! Not good to hear about your wrist. Hope it heals up quick.

keewey said...

Blows our SENZ stand away doesn't it? hehe. Some of those cards look a bit familiar...Vicki

Liz said...

Ho exciting to see some of Miss Betsy's work!! Nice to see you are having to take things easier...!!