Tuesday, 22 February 2011

CHA wrap up

img_2962Finally i think im back to reality – over the jetlag and now well and truly feeling like i have never been, gone and returned.  Work as usual is back to its hectic pace but i love being back home with my family and the girls. i really did miss them heaps this time around. I must admit somewhere overseas i must have found my mojo again as i had an extremely productive week last week, most likely inspired by all the wonderful things i saw whilst away.  There are truly some really talented people in this world. 

Only dampener of my spirits last week was thanks to the lovely bruises down the left side of my arms and hips thanks to my comfy computer chair deciding that it didn’t need to stay together on me anymore.  Base of it went in one direction whilst the top with myself firmly attached at the butt went another, right through a frame i had just finished painting for a project.  Yep i totally smashed it when i landed on it and with half of me into a bin next to it. I don’t think i remember a time where i have cried and laughed so much at the same time – it really did hurt but it must have looked ridiculously funny.  Thanks so much Al for keeping a straight face through my ordeal….LOL  Now to find out who sabotaged my chair…..  I don’t really need any extra help to be awkward.

Anyway here are a few pics of our stand this year.  I was a little nervous as in the past Tom has designed the stand for the show.  With him no longer here it was left to yours truly, so decided to go in a slightly different direction this show and display our new products on storyboards – thanks to all the girls at work for your help and the guys in the joinery for building it.  I think we did pretty good.  I actually thought we had heaps of finished products to display but just goes to show will have the call out for the next show as it still needed heaps more.  The stand was quite a lot bigger than we thought.

As per normal overseas in America we are always amazed by the food but can’t help ourselves we still manage to eat all, well most that is on the plate.

Ok so this little selection doesn’t actually look that healthy and i promise we took photos of all the good stuff we ate too but somehow those photos have gone astray.  Drinks were good too…

And then there is always the fun of catching up with familiar faces and friends.

And finally here are a few projects that i haven’t shared yet as they were shipped off to CHA.  Sorry the pics aren’t the best but i think you get the general idea. 









Dbl layout using – Class of ‘97 (Feb Release)image




Believe Layout and Fairy Castle – Magic Happens (Feb Release)



Bubblegum Hills is a fun and funky range to be released next month (March) just in time for Easter.


Nan’s Favourites (March Release) is going to be a great range to use to feature all your “little” cooks and kids in the kitchen.  Plus the new wooden flourishes are the cutest.



For all those expectant mums to be keep an eye out in April for the Lullaby collection. Baby blues and pinks as requested.


and lastly with a double layout in Chanteuse (available April). This will come out in time to create some wonderful projects for your mum.  Make sure you check out the photo display page as it can also be used to make some beautiful Mother’s Day cards.



Well thats it for me tonight.  Need to put the feet up and a cuppa.  I do however have a few other exciting things to share with you but will leave that until next time.


Tina said...

Oh, you poor thing, sounds painful, You'll be able to laugh bout it when it stops hurting! Fab layouts. I absolutely love your set of drawers....stunning!

Aussieleigh said...

TFS Melissa....projects for the Kaiser booth were completely awesome...especially loved those bird cages and the decorated Kaiser drawers....need some more of them now...lol

Shelley said...

Looks like you had a great time and the booth looked great. Cant wait to see you at Browns Plains looking forward to it.

Jules said...

What a GREAT update Melissa - the booth at CHA looked amazing. So did the food......