Thursday, 15 January 2009

Snapshots of My Year - (Project 365)

  1. Before I go on just to get an idea of who is intested, if you would like to participate in this project (pop your name and email addy into the comments below with your name so I can also email you any pdf's etc that I will be designing along the way to help you out with this over the year). If you have any queries you can email me on and ask away. When I return I will randomly be drawing a name and they will get a set of the Kaiser products shown in the picture below (sorry only Australian residents)

    I really want to make this as easy as possible for you and encourage you to use up things you have on hand but I will be showing you a picture and list the products that I use myself just in case there are some of you who want to go out to your LSS and spend up. Please bear in mind though some of the pieces of paper I may use come from my stash and who knows how old some of it is.

    Now for those of you who know me well - I love the color green - so this will be a recurring theme in my examples.... Im sorry but feel free to choose a color that suits your personality or one you really like.

    Ok I have had a chance to sit down and do a few things to get you guys started whilst away.

The above materials I have used are :
Kaisercraft "Spiro" - from Spirograph range
CS712 - Distressed Alphabet
CS714 Squiggle Alphabet
SB539 Fancy Border Rubons
SB546 Clocks Rubons
McGills Tab Punch

1. Now from these I have used the two font types in Acrylic Stamps and stamped the name of the month onto a piece of white printer paper (e.g Reflex) and then photographed this onto Acetate.
Why haven't I just stamped directly onto Acetate? - Good question. If you are confident that you won't muck it up - you can - I just weren't, so I thought I would rather waste a piece of paper than a piece of acetate. (if anyone knows where to buy acetate cheap, please tell me.....) For those of you who don't have these clear stamps (use whatever you do OR you could just do this up on your computer using some of the cool fonts there are available and print it out - please don't feel you have to go out and spend. (Kaisercraft won't mind if you do these are really great stamps to have though)

TIP: When feeding acetate through your printer - PLEASE make sure you change the settings to transparency. Trust me your employees won't be happy when you jam up the printer....this is of course if you are printing this out at who would do that?

2. From a chosen piece of printed paper (I have naturally used the green side of the spirograph paper) and cut a 2inch strip.
Fold this in half but before adhereing, run a piece of sticky tape down one of the inside sides. This is to strenghen the strip. There is nothing worse than having a page rip out of your binder rings of your album. Once you have stuck the sticky tape down, adhere it to the left side of your acetate, overlapping the edge by only as much as required. I used Pritt glue to do this as I know it is strong enough to hold onto the acetate.

3. Choose a rubon border of your choice and position down the strip.

4. If you are using a A4 ring binder - punch holes in this to fit.
If you are waiting for the one I am going to use - set this aside for now and start the other 11 months.

5. With the tab punch - punch out this shape and adhere it to the top right hand side of the acetate. If you don't have a punch you can just design one of your own or trace around a die cut that you may have in your stash. Write or rub on the word January.

Now there you go - that was all rather easy wasn't it. You have numero uno of your months for the year. Whilst I am away for the next two weeks feel free to go ahead and do one each month of the year. Just choose colors that coordinate with each other. Make sure you like them as they will become your theme for the rest of the year. If you want to have a mixture - go right ahead.

Hope you enjoy and have fun and I will be back to show you what to do with your first months stash of photographs.

If you haven't already download yourself a copy of Picasso 3 for creating cool mosaics of your photos - this is what I use in some of my previous posts and is a great way to show a week at a time - even better we can get them printed to size on a A4 piece of paper for our albums.


Jaimee said...

i would love to play along Lissy..looks like a great way to present this project

Sharon said...

Im looking forward to doing this project with everyone... thanks


Sharon said...

I too would love to join in on this project...
Sharon -

Aggie said...

I want to play too...Aggie

ros said...

have been trying very hard to remember to take a pic a day since u first posted about this. would love to have a go. its this commitment for a year thing thats got me a bit aprehensive but i will certainly do my best, sounds like a great project

Simonne said...

Hey, I am planning on joining in on this too. Sounds great. Don't know if I will do a photo a day, was thinking more about just covering major events that happen each month.
Have already purchased a folder. Yay.
Thanks Melissa.

Jenny said...

Hoping to play along too. Looks fun