Thursday, 22 January 2009

CHA Update

We are here in Anaheim after probably the best flight I have ever ever had in my life.
We came over on the A380 - dirty big aeroplane - actually only one week old. This was its 9th flight. Anyway we were in the back section - hmmm maybe this is saying something - keeping us out of the way. Who knows but we had at LEAST three seats each and it was great. Able to lie down and sleep majority of the way - unreal. Mind you the three of us girls all watched Road to Rodanthe and all bawled our eyes out at the end....
Another totally cool feature was sky cam. we could watch ourselves take off and land etc. It was like being on a ride - watching it on the TV screen but feeling it at the same time. What a hoot .
We had a lovel dinner at Outback Steakhouse tonight, followed by a couple of hours in the spa - having some really great insightful chats with the team..... yes two hours and yes we were prunes at the end of it....
All ready to get the stand set up in the morning - its all starting to feel real again. CHA here we come again.
If any of you are over here in Anaheim make sure you drop by the Kaisercraft stand (see the Kings of Bling) and check out the oversized products we scrapped up for display - they are awesome even if I do say so myself. Come and do the make and take (naturally talk to the team and put an order in) but pleeeaaaase come by and say hi to me.

Stay tuned for more updates.

PS I hope you are all keep up with the photo per day.
I will upload a few tomorrow.


Debbie said...

WOW..wish I was with you all. Make sure you take heaps of photos of that big stuff so we can see it on display...have fun

Rachelle said...

I can't wait to see the stand - take lots of photos so we call all see what we are missing out on :(

Wendy Smith said...

have fun ...Im very jealous