Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Project 365 - A Photo A Day

Ok girls for our take on this Project 365 the following are things that you may want to get your hands on before I post up any pics of what I have been up to.Unfortunately for myself and many others if you have been to Creating Keepsakes and Becky Higgins blog there was hot fantastic full kit available to do this project but it sold out within a very short time (yes i was very disappointed) before realising that it is all based on taking our own photos and keeping track of them sooooooo.... therefore we are still going to be able to create one of these projects but you will be designing it - it will be an original.

- A4 Album for Folder (ringed preferably) - as mentioned previously I am going to be using an ablum covers that will be released next month so if you can be patient and wait you will be able to purchase these, otherwise anything that fits A4 pages and pockets into will do the job. I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

- 12 Acetate pages (one for each month cover) - You will be designing you own.... but I will show you an example so don't stress. As mentioned before I am going to try and encourage you to use up some of your stash.

- A4 Clear Pocket pages (these are to put any layouts you create in) and also to keep all those extra bits of memorabiia to hang onto throughout the year and can't bear the thought to throwing away.

- McGills Tab Punch (Now you may not have one of these and don't stress if you don't) I will scan the shape and make it into a pdf so you can trace around and cut out. These punches are not cheap but they are definately a fantastic investment if you can get your hands on one. Here is a photo of one and I know The Scrapbook Establishment have them in stock at present but just check out your nearest LSS. - Hole puncher or Crop- O- Dile

- Date Stamp and/or Days of the week stamps

- Stazon and various of your favourite acrylic stamps - woo hoo - yes I am finally going to use some of the ones in my stash

- Use of a photocopier if your printer doesn't print directly onto Acetate.

- Sewing machine.... (OK -its to make some pockets in the acetate.... hmmmm)

This may all sound like a bit of mumbo jumbo - but the acetate are for the dividers for each month. There are two ways you can do these. You can either stamp your monthly design onto a plain sheet of white paper and run it through the printer to get it onto acetate
stamp it using Stazon directly onto acetate. Whichever you feel more comfortable doing is OK. The plain piece of paper way is more forgiving.

Stay tuned as I will start one of my dividers today and post it up. You can then get going on designing your own 12 dividers - one for each month... Ok I knew that you knew that but I just was checking you were with me

Now I am starting to get excited and want to get this done..... Am thinking I will also do one for 2008 at the same time and make it the YEAR it WAS...... I have so many bits and pieces floating around from last year its not funny.

Main thing to remember is to keep taking a photo everyday of moments or something that catches your eye.... Keep hold of things that are a memento of good times. e.g. went to the pictures last night with my hubby (yes we had a child free night...woohooo) - so have still got the ticket stubs...... Pop all these into one of those clear pockets for now (make sure all your bits and pieces are dated)...

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