Friday, 15 August 2008

Thankful and other stuff

The new range of Kaisercraft is out and its pretty cute... if you haven't seen it already best you pop yourself into the nearest LSS and check it out, lots of pretty new hanging frames to do. Great gift ideas for Christmas and can you believe its not that far away. The shops are already coming out with decorations and stuff.
Here is one that I have done. Just love these papers and the photo is one of my very favourites.
Well so much for all good intentions of being thankful, that certainly only lasted a couple of days. We have been extrememly busy at Kaiser, can you believe finishing of Christmas - so i guess if I have anything to be thankful for is
1 - Christmas is over
2 - Its Friday, actually now its Monday so missed that one too
3 - I have NO Calisthenics this weekend./ well had no calesthenics

David, my very patient hubby was also be very thankful that there was nothing on this weekend and I can clean up the house -
- this is something I am not thankful for - I HATE would never have guessed....LOL.

Now I am extrememly thankful I have had a great weekend to myself. Kind of cleaned the house and had fun with the girls - actually helping them out whilst they were being creative. They just can't help themselves. If it rains it means we scrapbook or do some sort of craft activity so below is what the girls have been up to.

First of all Jess - in her class at school like every other child has gotten into the Olympics. They have this game called Mathletics, don't ask me what it is but you can eith win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place so Jess thought the Kaisercraft baubles would come in handy and this is what she came up with, with a little help from mum, but believe me not much...

This is Ellie's Olympic torch
and for something completely different, Caitlin just saw a canvas and paint and thought she would do her own thing - pretty cute too....Not bad for a 6 year old.


ros said...

gorgeous album melissa, my favourite papers ever. its nice to hear ur grateful again :)

jilly said...

She's a talented little cookie eh Liss? Just like her mama!