Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Thankful - oops

Gosh it doesn't take too long to take things for granted. Here I am saying i will do this everyday and already I have forgotten about yesterday so here goes.
Thankful: -
  1. that I have a great job that I love
  2. for my well earned day off
  3. that I can read - I haven't been able to put the latest Jodi Picoult book down.

Tuesday: - today Im thankful

  1. That my children have wonderful friends and they are so happy
  2. My mum - who is always around when you need her
  3. The bonus I received from work. When you live from pay packet to pay packet - it sure comes in handy. Thanks Tim...

Now that I have finished being thankful for everything....lol... I have one other thing I am extrememly thankful for. I have finally finished sequining all the costumes for the girls.. Woo Hoo - now the competitions begin. If you can't find me between now and the end of September on a weekend - you know where I'll be. If you find me wake me up.... I have a few photos of Caitlin from last weekends calesthenics. If you are or ever been a calesthenics mum you will know what I mean when I say you get over it ..lol.. but when they are up on stage you are as proud as punch of them... and you better make sure you weren't snoozing when they are on because they always seem to come off stage and ask how they did???

She's a bit cute isn't she - but just as cheeky as she looks.

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Sherry - It's A Scrapper's Life! said...

Wow they look gorgeous and those outfits look like so much hard work. I remember doing cali when I was young (before my mum died) and I remember all those preparations for comp time and then concert time and even at that age I knew my mum was down there watching me as proud as punch! Great memories!!