Sunday, 3 August 2008

Life in Indiana after CHA

Well the show finally finished and the others guyd (except for Mick) took off to go home to OZ. Funny feeling saying goodbye to them at the airport. I half wanted to go home too but the next part of my adventure was about to begin. One of our reps for Kaisercraft lives in Indiana - Lisa Galvin. She invited me to stay with her and visit some of the local scrapbook shops and at the same time run some workshops and make and takes with the locals.
The ladies who attended were ever so friendly and welcoming and I had many laughs, so did they at me and some of my terminology. Its strange how we can talk the same language and yet feel so foreign at the same time.Seriously thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity and for letting me loose in your stores. The credit card is not too happy about it though....

I just have to get myself one of these signs - what you fink???? - what else is there??? Way to go girls...

Susie and Shirley with Lisa and I at Just a Little Bit Moore

Here we are with Cindy and Paul from Papertrix, Nashville. - Not really sure about the #1 designer bit in Australia but it was a lovely welcome...and just love your quaint little store.
"Feel the lurrve" - these ladies kept me entertained and am still wondering if Diane will get more than one of these albums for Christmas???? You girls are great. Keep lovin' and laughing...
This is Lisa, Doris, Beverly and Diane. Thanks for the laughs girls.
Sharon (above) from Bloomin' Scrapbooks with Lisa, myself and crop crew below.
I seriously felt like I had stepped into a movie in parts of my quick trip. Indiana is so flat and full of so many corn fields and if not corn they were bean. They even took me to the local County Fair - met the Sheriff and his Deputy - that was a giggle, here was a mixture of a Yogi Bear cartoon and Charlottes Webb all mixed into one. And the food there just made be laugh - from Elephants ears, to Kettle corn, funnel cakes and do you know they even deep fry snickers bars. No peoples, that was something I didn't try, though i think I tried everything else. Whitney, Lisa's daughter who is as lovely as her mum, won Miss Congeniality at the fair. They looked after me wonderfully and gave me a great glimpse of Indiana, wish I had longer as there is obviously so much there to see and do. Even got to meet a baby pig up close and personal - it screamed at me. hmmmm

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