Sunday, 3 August 2008

CHA - The show and Beyond.

We all had so much fun, obviously some parts stood out as highlights but by far the majority of the laughs came from the awesome people I work with who came too. Yes it was a lot of hard work but we really did have fun times too. WE all had a day off after the show and went on an architectural tour of Chicago. That place is awesome....Way too many cars though and obviously can't do the city justice in a day but still it was great to see. And then there are the outlet shops. Totally unreal. Can you also believe the exhange rate at the moment. One day Tom and I went into an Archiver's store (huge scrapbooking shop) - naturally you must visit scrapbooking shops in America - anyway as I was saying, as you do in America we went shopping and this visit totalled $276 - Can you beleive the exchange for this on my credit card when converted was only $284 - (only $8 difference) man I obviously must have been meant to shop that day as I knew the exchange rate was so good. If you are thinking this is a lot to spend on scrapping supplies, let me tell you that was only from one shop. For those of you who are freaking out - its OK, so is nahhh it wasn't all for me, some was for work.... some...

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