Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Accidents Happen....

Accidents Happen but why always to me..... what a giggle. today I went into Chandon Craft just for something a little to pick up a couple of things for work and my workshop - had the kids with me as you on school holidays... don't you just love school holidays when you have to work - thankfully i have been able to arrange a couple of days off this week - Anyway putting the purchase into the boot of my car (well about to) when my daughter Jess decides to slam the boot shut - yeeeooooouuuuch....right across my eye it slammed. Man did it hurt - bit of a delayed reaction but looked at the hand and yes here comes the blood - Raqual offered to drive me to a medical centre but was so close to town and casulty thought I'd drive myself - I know that wasn't too smart but felt OK and didn't want the girls worrying more than they already were. They kept assuring me my eye looked ugly....Well got a glimpse of our medical system first hand and its not pretty. Casualty was busy as usual and so they gave me a clean bandage thingy to put on my head and said it would be quicker to go to another clinic close by in Myers street - well here I am holding my head and its bleeding and they tell me the hospital shouldn't have told me to go there and said because Im not a regular they wouldn't see me- flat out go away - and it wasn't even busy....after giving them a little verbal serving and left again - kids in tow getting all worried about mum, went to the clinic near home in Belmont. Now this IS service - this one was FULL yet they took one look at me and my head and put me straight into a room to lie down and fixed me up - thankfully the doctor is also good at sticking and pasting as my eye is superglued back together again.... Its a bit sore and bruised but OMG - it could have been worse - i actually think my glasses helped out though they caused the bruising across the bridge of my nose...

Never had this glue stuff - am assuming it just falls off when new skin has grown underneath. All i know is it feels all hard and crunchy like a scab and I want to pick it off - best i just keep my hands away from it for now.

As for scrapping - well been doing a couple of album for classes that I will be taking in the US after CHA and will give you a sneak peak before I go. And about to have a crack at a couple of acrylic albums - woo hoo - haven't done much with them before so lookign forward to it.

Can share this layout now as the latest magazine has come out. This was another one of our Masters challenges using K & Co products - love the photograph of the girls just having fun together on the trampoline. Lots of butterflies. The layout is simple but was fun to do. Love the coreordination cardstock too and what you can do with it. The big butterflies were cut and from a Fiskars butterflies template - you gotta get one - they are great.


Chris Millar said...

Ouch Mel!! That sounds very nasy and I'm sure your daughter feels just awful. Hope you're feeling better very soon! Love this gorgeous layout! Have fun at CHA!

Jill Geraghty-Groves said...

Oh Miss Meliss - you poor thing! Sounds like an awesome scrapping moment though lol!

Cass said...

Oh baby baby baby!!!! I hope your OK!!!!! My gosh Ouch indead!!!
I goota say though, so sounds like something that could so easy happen to

Love the LO to BTW

Look after yourself matey...:):):)

Nicole said...

Ouch, ouch and bloody ouch. Made my eyes water just reading that post Melissa.

Hope your ok now.

Oh and those butterflies look fantastic.


Hetty Hall said...

Oh that sounds like a horrible experience, really hope you are oke now. Layout is gorgeous and also check out my blog as you have been tagged.

Rachelle said...

OMG.....I know how you feel "OUCH" - I am surprised you could drive. I hit my head not that long ago and it sent me silly for a while - Oh, thats right, I am already silly!!! No seriously the pain and the blood.....
So hope you are healing well.
Rach x