Friday, 27 June 2008

JUNE - Where has it gone

So much has happened at work since the Expo and can't begin to go into it all - except it has been REALLY busy.

Tim and Stephen have been busy with the Geelong Excellence Awards where they have entered the business under a number of catagories - so go us.... we find out the results at the end of the week.

I have been busy getting a workshop magazine organised for July and Im sure all of you who have boys are going to love ALL the new releases and products about to come out - the DT have designed some great male papers. Its a month that is 100% all boy and Im sure you will find a few ideas that will get your imaginations running wild.

This is a sneak peak at one of the new products - I have used the Superhero papers to cover the pages.

I had to giggle one night last week, Jess usually goes to bed around 7.30 but at 9pm comes out and tells David and I that she has to have a goanna made for class the next day....sjfljdfjadjfadj or whatever came out my mouth and thought OMG how are we going to do that now. Well thankfully she has a mama that loves a challenge (not that time of night) and also one that has a heap of old black opaque tights in her draws. Thankfully they are old and this is how they ended up - stuffed with newspaper and covered in kindy glitz..... WEll i started the kindy glitz Jess finished it at school the next day - finished it off actually and I guess half the class has kindy glitz and Kaiser rhinestones across their animals they made....

Anyway it kinda looks like a goanna... bit bent out of shape but i think we did an OK job considering it was whipped up pretty quick.On top of all of this - i think all the running around has caught up with me and Ive run myself down and just crashed.... caught this horrible bug that is going around and on top of that I have had to blinkin' sequin 5 costumes for the girls and their calisthenics. All this weekend we have dress rehearsals..and they HAVE to be finished... Never thought i would be a calisthenics mum as personally I don't like it but the kids do - so I figure this is my little sacrifice (well HUGE actually) that you gotta do - one that has lasted the last 7 years actually - every year I think they will give it up and each year they keep on wanting to go back. I must admit it though it has worked wonders for their confidence and that is when you really know the sacrifices are all worth it. Actually its not that bad its just that the three girls are all doing it and they are all in different sections so it just feels that every weekend over August and September are taken up travelling with the for comps.
Anyway i have pricked fingers, a sore neck and seed beads and sequin all over the place but THEY ARE FINISHED..... woo hoo - thank goodness - lets hope they don't hand me anymore tomorrow.

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Hetty Hall said...

MYGOSH Melissa that lizard looks awesome, you are one very clever chicky and I don't know where you find the time to do all this. The sneak peak looks fabbo and I love the layout in the previous post you taught in Brissie, makes me wish I could of taken your class.
Have a fabulous weekend
Speak soon