Saturday, 14 June 2008

Australasian Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo

Can you believe its been a week since I have returned from the Expo and i've been riding high on the excitement of it all for the rest of the week. I actually thought i had already submitted this post only to go into blogger tonight and see it sitting here unfinished.... there you go...obviously got way to much on. I have to thank all the girls from Scrapbook Memories for having enough faith in me to do this - what a hoot - I had a blast. Have to admit, a year ago if you had of asked me to do this I wouldn't be so sure I could but thanks to everyone for your wonderful encouragement and support. Im slowly getting used to a microphone. By no means does it make it any easier at the time though but no longer totally scared as I used to be.

One thing i loved telling people though, and even for any of you who are out there reading this, you can do exactly what I am.... This time last year I entered the Master's competition purely cause i was sort of dared to by the owner of the shop I teach at (Thanks Raqual). I had never been published before, so being one of the 10 winners is still something that I can't quite fathom. Even seeing all the work by all the othr talented tutors in Brisbane was humbling a little, just to be a part of it all. Still I said I was going to make the most of every opportunity thrown at me this you, so thank you whole team at SCM for giving me the chance to do this. I had a blast and it was a hoot to see my classes sold out (Saturday and Sunday) - how about that...

Cass, Cassie, Kristy, Jo and Me

I can give you all a look at the layout I did for the classes now that the expo is over though there was a little pic in the brochure advertising the weekend. For anyone who is interested the class will be run again at Chandon Craft in Geelong during August. As you can see it isn't anything too difficult and you certainly don't need a building permit to do it but it was lovely to hear the comments from the ladies in the class and they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. I did to, so thanks ladies for making my weekend so enjoyable. Also thanks for all the ideas you put forward in regards to Kaisercraft products.

Huge thanks to the lovely Fi who came up with me, lots of laughs and support and then catching up again with the every so amusingly funny and talented duo Cass and Lu. You girls are totally awesome. There are too many of you to name so won't do the big name drop - though again it was a hoot to meet so many people that I sit back here and admire. I can't let this go past without showing you this pic below, these are a few of the QLD girls who we have working with me on the DT at Kaisercraft. With the new website up and running within the next few weeks I am sure they will have plenty of projects to share and show us - and can even teach me a thing or two (or two hundred)...what a motley crew...thats rachelle, Cass,moiye, Jill and Lu.
Saturday night we went out for Dinner with the ever so lovely Chris Millar and she had someone take this photo - (thanks Chris) that too was a great night. Raqual is a good friend and she invited Fi and I along. If you people here think I am loud then you need to come out with 26 middle aged scrappers and see what its like - lots and lots of laughs let me tell you.... and OK you aren't all middle aged - just let me feel better.... Chris is the gorgeous girl second from the left in the back row, in the hot pink shirt. (sorry Chris had to borrow your photo - mine has gone awol....)

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Chris Millar said...

It was great meeting you Mel and Fi and all the girls!! A very fun night! Hope you're feeling a bit better now and I think your goanna is terrific!!!