Saturday, 5 April 2008

What a great week


Well the Grand Prix of thong races were definitely a hit with the kids and as soon as the sun is up they were in the creek. What is it about children that they just don’t seem to feel the cold. Cailtin was in her bathers until 6pm last night and still playing in the creek with Amy.
Yesterday our family and Dwayne went for a bike ride into Porpunka (not sure how you spelt it but this definitely isn’t it) – its only 6km each way but for the first long ride for Caitlin, it was long enough. She did really well and getting the hang of the geared bike. It makes such a difference those gears especially cause it means she keeps up with the rest of us.

Yesterday was actually a beautiful day, the weather was fantastic and the sun shining bright – basically to cut out all the additional garbage – it was sunny and warm just the way I like it to sit in my banana lounge and catch up with all the latest magazines and to read my book – basically doing zip, nada, nothing…..
David took the girls over to the BMX track – I know better, nearly killed myself over a jump last year and well have no intentions of doing it again. The girls came back highly excited – the closer they are to stacking the better it is apparaently. And if an adult stacks that is their entertainment for the day and they don’t stop laughing about it. That is children for you – you mustn’t laugh at them when they are hurt but it is entertainment when we are…Well we heard that Wednesday back in Melbourne was a terrible day with the storms but here it wasn’t so bad. Can’t remember what we did in the morning – which basically means I must be pretty relaxed, I think we just walked around Bright, but in the afternoon we actually went with Kathy and Aaron to the trout farm and took the kids fishing. Kind of gives the children the wrong idea of fishing as within minutes they had caught a fish but it was pretty cool to see their faces. We ended up catching 5 but kept only 4, one kindof fell back into the pond “accidently” . 4 ended up cooked on our plates and turned out to the perfect number anyway as mum and dad surprised us all and showed up later in the day. They had come past the site a few times but we were out and a about. The rain started coming down and so we decided we would go to the Cosy kangarool for tea as that is wehre tey cook up the fish for you. It was beautiful, you can see from the photos, before and after. It was totally enjoyable. Nothing better on a wet night whilst camping to be able to visit someone who has a decent roof over their heads so it was great to have mum and dad staying in a motel where we could all fit for awhile. Recharged a few batteries on the computers and DS games and then the kids were pretty exhausted. It is good to have mum and dad around for a few days and especially mum she needs a break before going back. Her mum (my grandma) slipped and fell going to the toilet and has ended up in hospital with a broken shoulder. She now is going to need constant care for the next 6 weeks but she is a very proud woman (try telling 94 year old who is still living with her 97 year old husband in their own house what to do – I think you may have the picture) Mum knows shw can’t lift her as she has a sore back herself but my grandma is being very stubborn and not accepting “help”. Mum’s other sister is doing a lot for her at the moment but she has health problems of her own to deal with at the moment so poor mum really is unsure of what to do – so hopefully she just enjoys the time away and the break whilst she can. Wednesday night wasn’t near as bad as I thought it was going to be, I was waiting for the tent ot blow away but nothing major at all. Thursday

was a bit miserable in the morning so we went into Myrtleford to check it out, whilst Jess and David went for a bike ride to Wandiligong. We came back at lunch time and again just relaxed around the camp site and finished off another day by the fire. Ohhhh there is nothing better than a camp fire when staying at Bright. The air is so icy at night but its nice and cosy by the fire. And of course there is the toasted marshmallows….. Ymmm

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Al said...

Your holiday sounds like pure bliss and relaxation! Gee Caitlin is looking so grown up on her bike.
Glad you had a fun family holiday!