Saturday, 5 April 2008

Experience of a lifetime....

Friday was the highlight – well for me anyway. For the past few years I have watched the parachutists land from gliding off a mountain near by and thought it would be unreal to do. Well when we woke up this morning the weather was awesome, crystal blue skiesa and no wind really so I rang and booked in for 11.30 before I could chicken out. I kind of had in my head this stupid thing that if I can conquer this fear and do this I can do almost anything. Have to admit getting ready I was a bit nervous but trying hard not to show it. Caitlin got quite upset and was telling everyone I was going to kill myself as I would hit my head on a rock, Jess was thinking I was totally stupid for wanting to try but deep down I know if she was older she would have loved to do it to. It would have to be the one of the best things I have ever done, as in activity wise, in my entire life. It was totally fantastic experience and I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone. We got up to over 4500 feet and even went up into the clouds. Even the instructor was excited by the thermals we were catching, he kept asking me how my stomach was – and it was fine, There were eagles and other birds catching the thermals and souring around with us. Can’t put the whole feeling into words except that it was worth every cent. My love of scary rides came in handy though this was anything but frightening – the scenery itself was spectacular and I couldn’t think of a better place to actually do this.. It was awesome, yoy could see for miles and we even saw some snow on top of Feather top. We saw the tops of all the mountains, it was an awesome view. Awesome, a word that annoys me so much but really no other words decribe the experience so well. It was all very beautiful. The landing was about as smooth as the take off and not scary at all as I had imagined it to be.

I got back into the car and we headed back to our tent and Jess says to me “ mummy I am so proud of you” yep that is how I felt - and very proud of her too but still really pleased with myself too. You know when you really want to do something but keep chickening out and then one day you do – well I got a huge feeling and sense of satisfaction that I actually did do it and it was the totally best experience ever.

Well its not jumping out of an aeroplane but best next thing...a mountain instead

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Al said...

Whoa Lis .... you are one big daredevil, and no way, nuh uh never ever ever would I do it. I love having my feet on the ground. But good on you for doing it, having the courage, and loving it. I'm glad you are safe ;)