Friday, 11 April 2008

What a Hoot - part 2 and Welcome aboard Jane Jones

I guess for What a Hoot - Part 1 you would have to go to Jane's blog and catch up on her side of the story - JANE IF YOU ARE READING THIS - that photo is very very naughty..... but yes I have to admit I do stick my tongue out when concentrating but you didn't have to take a

You know we got asked this morning by Stephen (big boss)when he was taking a group of students through work, what we loved and hated about our jobs. Well naturally I totally love being paid to do what many people call a hobby. Yes Im paid to scrap all day (and a few other things lately) but I am loving picking up a magazine and seeing Kaisercraft all through it when a year ago there was nothing. That, call me stupid, nahhhh please don't do that, but that excites me. As for what I hate - maybe its thta I can't sleep without dreaming of something to do with scrapping...what is to hate when you work with people your love and admire....and yeah guys I hate to admit it sometimes but its true...

Anyway I went up to Sydney for a couple of days to attend the SIA (Scrapbooking Industry - Australia)for the day to check it out. It appears that we, Kaisercraft, were one of the few wholesalers that didn't attend but for those of you reading this and wondering WHY??? we had just returned from CHA and as this is and was the first show thought we would check it all out first. Well I had a lovely day meeting lots of faces whom I have spoken to but not met but also catching up with others whom I only run into occassionally.

BUT I would have to say the highlight of the trip was meeting the infamous Jane Jones.(Some of you may know her and some of you may not, but believe you me when I say give her a year and everyone in the industry will) You know when you speak to people on the phone, forums and email and then picture them in your head and when you meet them it's nothing like that. Well that wasn't the case at all - Jane is exactly how I expected her to be - totally gorgeous only smaller.... (only in size luv), I felt like an "aphalent". Girls, if you don't know her you need to, she is one of the most selfless people on the face of the earth and can teach us all a lot of lessons about lots of things but along with that is also an awesome scrapper (how she pulls out what she does in the time she does leaves me baffled) and I really do admire and love your work girl. We are (well I certainly am) so so so happy to have you aboard the design team for Kaisercraft. Geez Im excited girl, you think Kaisercraft is good now, well we are only going to get better with you on board. Move over you other brands KC is coming on through....

Well I wish I had a photo to put up of you making some goddamn awful face like you posted of me but I don't so these ones will have to do the trick. Like you I so wish we could have spent more time together but Im absolutely positive we will get the chance to meet up again - if not soon then at the Kaisecraft Chrissy party - better book those carers now Janey....
Anyway as for the lady on reception - someone please show her how to use a camera - this is a photo of us Jane..
Anyway here are some better ones, why can't i stand still long enough for a photo not to be blurry??????
Thanks for taking the time to meet up Jane, I know it was a long drive in traffic and for the chat, fun and laughs. Look forward to next time

Now I also met a few other special ladies - It was awesome to catch up with Naomi Cox,who is also one of this years Masters. We seem to be spread all over this great land of ours in Oz so it is a hoot when I get to meet anyone of you. Thanks for saying HI Naomi you gorgeous girl too you - it was so lovely to catch up (again Im blurry...finking it might just be me - cameras don't like me)
Again it was great to meet up with Michelle from Print Blocks, most of you may have heard of Michelle but this girl is awesome, she teaches and designs some wonderful classes and does lots of amazing things behind the scenes at Printblocks that we never ever see but I know she is always very very busy.... Look forward to catching up again Michelle.
Lots more lovely people I caught up with again but haven't room to mention you all but it was great to see the Australian Industry of Scrapping putting on an event like this and Im sure it can't do anything else but get bigger and better.
Lastly here is another special and very talented lady too. This is Lynette Carrol from the USA and she is as sweet as she looks. I have had the pleasure of being in some of her classes with K @ Co through Printblocks and this ladies' work is awesome. She is a designer for K @ Co and Delish and Im ever so hoping that she will also do some projects using Kaisercraft products in the future.(finking she will - how could she not) I have to admit this is what gets me excited about my job lately. Its when some of the big names in the Industry tell me how much they love our Products.


Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh Lis you made me cry with all the wonderful things you said I am for once at a lost for words (rare moment here).

thank you so very much for believing in me and for giving me such an awesome awesome opportunity to work with you and for Kaiser it really is a dream come true. Yep not only getting paid to do what i love but to meet such fantastic people like you that have come into my life.

Thank you so much words can not even express how grateful and how blessed I feel.

Simon said...

Shouldn't you post a photo of you with Kaisercraft's very own soon-to-be-published male!?