Monday, 11 February 2008

Day 1 of CHA

Well this is going to be quick because I really want to go to bed as I am tired. Today from Kaiser's point of view was totally awesome. We totally smashed last years show in one day - they love us here. It is such a differnt feel and vibe to last year. We really have made it and don't just feel like we are scratching to get into the market we are in it and have some big gunns "worried". We had BG bosses around a number of times still trying to work out how we are doing what we are doing and they LOVE our surfaces (wood BTP)

“Originality is NOT doing something no one else has done, but doing what has been done countless times with new life, new breath” - I guess that mean if i see an idea and can improve it we can do it... Well hope Tom isnt too busy at work cause i have a few ideas.

A number of you know I am doing the make and takes (that is where people sit down to create something - in short basically a mini workshop) We i was on my feet from 1/4 to 8 this morning, had a cup of coffee for a break but didn't get to finish it until 1/4 to 6 when the last people left my table. The doors closed for the public at 5.30 but I still had them cuing up. 129 people. Did you get that guys. That was such an experience. Not sure if we will top that tomorrow (and in some small way not sure if I want too - only becuase of how exhausted i was at the end of the day ) but it was very very very very exciting to get to speak to all those they thought I had an accent...hmmm very funny....they did and I told them that. Anway its fantastic and i would love to send photos but I don't have the cable for my camera so will have to wait unless I can borrow one. All in all a fantastic day. I even had a number of girls saying how they thought our make and take was one of the best here at the show. Now Im not sure if I can believe that taking into account the past show I was at but so far I haven't seen to much other stuff better so wouldn't that be a hoot if it was true.
Maxine Hazelbroek found us and introduced herself to me this morning, can't believe that we have stands next to each other, unbelievable how things work out. So we are going out for dinner tomorrow night with each other and the crew from Scrapbooking memories and of course all the guys from work. It should prove to be a fun night and relaxing night where we can be ourselves with fellow aussies.
Miss David and the girls but its great now we have spoken to each other and sorted this email account thingy out that just wasn;t happening for us for the first couple of days.
So if you are ready this David, I do love you and miss you but also I am loving this too. Its hard to want to be in two places at once. I even really miss the rest of the guys at work and can't wait to get back also.

HOpe all you guys are well and if you want to send any messages I have a gmail account now whilst here love to chat if you wish.

Take care, have fun and happy scrapping

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