Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Day 2 of CHA

O My goodness.... what a day. If i thought yesterday was busy I really didn't see today coming. Today was INSANE. Tripled yesterday. Though I didn't do as many individual Make and Takes (only 90+ lost count), the ones I had seemed to go a bit longer girls I had queues , actual real life people lining themselves UP for my make and take.... man i thought it was insane.... my legs thought told me I WAS insane and now i feel insane. I am so tired but it was such a hoot. so total stands at around 220 M&T's.
Anway very hard to wipe the smiles of any of our faces at present - though we are all walking zombies - it is an exciting place to be. Not too many people will be saying who the hell is Kaisercraft. They have been saying where have we been hiding.
Anyway its all good - and can only get better So roll on day 3
and yes David if you are reading like I said HIRE A HOUSEKEEPER, I miss you and the girls heaps and heaps but this is so much fun


Al said...

Awesome stuff going on there at CHA. I can't stop smiling when I read your posts. It's such a thrill to know KC are being recognised internationally - I am in total awe.
Lis - I know those bag tags would be going off - you did such an amazing job on them - you are a total credit to Kaisercraft! Way to go!
Can't wait for you to get back home to us safely.
Take care ... Al x

Anonymous said...

I was at the show I live near the CHA convention center - It was alot of fun! I'm a part of the scrapbooking Assoc. that met in one of the conference rooms after the show was closed on Tuesday evening & someone from your company came by and offered us a deal on just about 1/2 of the book but I didn't get all the details of it. I wanted to know if you know who that person was or if maybe you know the details of the offer that was being given on your product. I somehow missed your booth.. Well I must say I was lost most of the time trying to find what I was looking for - I'm sure you will understand that statement. you can e-mail me at Scrapbookcafe@hotmail.com thanks so much.

Julie H.

Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow Lissy I have been also reading the threads on TSE and a huge massive big congrats. Sounds like not only was Kaiser a HUGE success at the show but that you have had an amazing time.

Cannot wait for you to get back and share all the details. WTG Girl