Sunday, 10 February 2008

CHA Update

Well everyone I am here with the team.. I would love to report that setting up was easy but it wasn't. It was slow and believe it or It is winter here but still 20+ degrees so again not brought apprpriate clothing. Oh well not to worry.
All redeemed itself by getting to chat to the owners of Basic Grey, Rachael and Greg- it is so nice to see how friendly and down to earth these guys are, they truly are such a talented goodlooking hubby and wife team. And success certainly hasn't gone to their heads either. Its amazing really when talking to them - we think they BG are so huge and so made it and yet she is always looking at how they can be better and don't feel they have much of a presence down here is OZ, i thought are you for real.... you guys have got it but she keep looking and questioning us about Kaiser and what we are up to.... hmmmm I thinks we are going to surprise a few people over here. We are so looking forward to this show, roll on tomorrow we are sick of setting up and just want to get into it.
Get to meet some designers tomorrow mornign who are guaranteed (well supposedly) of being published in US so we can get some of our products exposed that way. That should be fun. Can't believe the opportunities I have got at the moment at work - truly am blessed and loving work. Its is so much fun, and I get to work with some of the best people, one of my best friends and having a ball...what more can you want... maybe just a housekeeper now so I don't get into too much trouble with my darling hubby. I hope he has got it all under control at home whilst I am here. Trust me peoples that boy is good. I so miss him and the girls.
Well better go and get some shut eye before tomorrow morning. It all getting exciting now and hope these make and takes go well and all the US stores love us and give us all their money.

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Al said...

Hi Lis,
Missing you a lot here. Yes work is quiet, but everyone is keeping me company.
Sorry to hear the set up is taking so long - I bet you guys have done a fantastic job though!
GOOD GOOD LUCK with the big first day - I know Kaiser will do so well. All new products and they (in the US) will be so wowed with it all.
Say hello to everyone there, and have a margarita for me!
Take care ... Love Al x