Thursday, 1 November 2007

What Day is it????????

Unbelieveable – I did it – something I never thought I would do – I totally lost track of time. Neither David or myself have been wearing watches whilst away so during each day we just go with the flow but this morning when I woke up I didn’t have a clue whether it was Thursday or Friday. All the days have blended in together and it sound’s silly considering I am writing this blog everyday but I really had no idea what day it was. Anyway it turns out that today is Thursday and not Friday so I now have an extra day – what a hoot – how will we spend it – well that would have to be BY THE BEACH or AT THE POOL. Der……really you should know the routine by now…..

It felt like we spent most of the time at the beach this morning but it was in fact only a couple of hours, but that was enough time to totally exhaust me. The surf was fantastic and I never got out from the minute we got there. Ellie had flaked it on the sand as she wasn’t feeling too good this morning…spent a bit of last night on the loo (say no more) –she’s OK now though and the others were playing on the beach nicely, both David and I could go in for a surf together. Jess actually screamed at me at one stage to come in, and I thought something tragic must have happened – all she wanted was for me to to take a photo of her and Caitlin’s sand FACE (yes a face, with seaweed hair etc etc) that they made. Imagine getting me out of the water to do that…..Hmmmm
The waves have picked up in size the past few days and it was a hoot….Totally wiped out on a few, one in particular – must have looked quite amusing as a few of the guys out there said I got totally smashed and was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. I have been dumped pretty bad before from my surfboard but today I got totally washing machined on my boogie board. Bit dizzy afterwards but some would say that is just normal….There was even a few waves that I pulled back off from the top as when I looked down all I could see was sand (very shallow water) as the wave had sucked it all up. It was so much fun being able to be out there with David and I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for ages. I ditched the board and went for a body surf then – just as much fun –me NOT being the competitive one LOL had to try and beat the locals and then get up in the shallows and make sure everything was covered…..Those naughty waves at times just want to rip your bathers off… We rinsed off in the fountains again and came back to play at the pool for a while and pretty much had a lazy day after that. After lunch I walked into the shops with Ellie to buy some new books as I finished all the ones I brought up and then just lazed around reading one of them in the afternoon.
It must be coming close to tea time and looked at the clock in our bedroom and saw it was only 2.30. Took the kids for a play at a park and another walk along the beach. Can’t believe a day can go on and on and on forever but that is how today felt.
Finally after dinner and we cleaned up a bit, David went out and caught up with an old friend of his who moved up here to live and I flaked it.
Wooohooo What a Day!!!

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Jane Ettia Jones said...

wow do you have an idea how jealous i am right now. it's pouring with rain here and thunder storms. sounds like you are all having such a wonderful time so relaxing dont' you just love holidays with nothing to do but relax and read and soak up the sun. have fun my friend you deserve it