Friday, 2 November 2007

Another Lazy Day...

Out for breakfast again this morning - a bit extravagent but it was Jessica's turn to go out with just mum and there was no way she was going to miss out so after doing my laps across the road in the pool we went around the corner and tried out another cafe. We found a ripper and the food was totally fantastic - heaps better than the other one. Jess and I bother totally pigged out - I wasn't planning on it but couldn't help myself when I saw the menu.We then went over to the beach again and had another great morning. David and I got to go out together again. Kinda liking this - its nice now that the kids are old enough that you don'thave to be watching them 24/7. I feel like i have a bruised cheek and head after a couple of ripper arguements with waves. One huge wave - all I could see was a wall of water - well it decided to break on my left cheek - ouchy - and on another occassion I thought best not argue with this wave and dived under it but my board sprung back and got me in the back of the head. Anyway I never actually got out of the water at all, and left the others to go for a walk
along the beach, except for when Caitlin wanted to build a sandcastle mermaid...... we had no idea how to do so suggested we just turn her into the mermaid and she agreed to be buried up to her waist. She looked kinda cute though the sun was in her eyes when I wanted to take the photo. Literally spent the rest of the day by the pool and Jess only got out to eat her sandwiches and was straight back in. She met herself another little boy "friend"- this time "Sam" is in year 7 ( they are getting older) and they played together the whole afternoon - lots of laughing going on and when you get Jess laughing it is very infectious.

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Anonymous said...

The photos today are extraordinary. That breakfast looks totally scrumptious ... look at Jess there, going for it with the pancakes ... and we'll have to go out to the Silver Teaspoon for brekky like that one morning before work ... goodness me I'm drooling!
Love love LOVE that photo of Caitlin buried and made a mermaid ... it's fantastic!
And lookit you go ... Surfer Girl!
Enjoy the rest of your holidays. Take care.