Saturday, 3 November 2007

It’s Saturday and we headed off to the Eumundi market. This can only means we have four days left of our holidays. Depressing when you think about it too much as the weather has been absolutely perfect. The best we have had on holidays in years. We have done nothing really nothing but swim but the girls haven’t wanted to either. Imagine I have only looked at shops once. That is unheard of, but have started my fourth novel today so lots of reading and relaxing. Its funny how slow the first week goes and then the last one just flies by.
Anyway we hired a little care LITTLE being the operative word here (David thought it was more like rent a wreck – I didn’t think it was quite that bad)– but what do expect for $29 a day. Anyway it got us from point A to B and that is all that matters. We arrived at Eumundi around 7.30am so were able to see around the majority of it before it go too busy. I don’t know if it’s because we have been there so many times (spoilt aren’t we) but I didn’t find it as “exciting” as usual. Though after saying all that, I did buy my trademark piece of blue and white pottery - its just not Eumundi if I don’t come home with another piece for my collection when I’m there. It’s a very unusual shaped platter but will look great filled with salad or king prawns at Christmas. I think I now own the majority of her pieces and the lady who makes them promised she would design a new shape for me next year – can’t have me coming up and purchasing nothing.

The girls thought it was great and very grown up having their own money and succeeded in spending the majority of it on absolutely nothing but food and a few little presents for their friends.

We then went into Noosa for a visit on the way back. It was totally crazy in there as the Noosa Triathalon is on this weekend but we were definitely looked after as we found a great car park down the end of the main street. Ask and you shall receive the good book says– I always tell David you just gotta pray for carparks and you really do get them. The car park was in the shade and it had a picnic table under the trees nearby just for us – couldn’t asked for better really. As we had packed our own lunch we sat there and ate it enjoying the break from the stifling heat. It was stinkin’ hot today. After a look around a few shops and of course an icecream we walked back along the boardwalk and then headed back to our unit….. the kids only wanted to swim and you couldn’t blame them…I don’t usually feel like I’m melting but did today.

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