Monday, 5 November 2007

I Need a Holiday

This hunky looking fellow is daddy bombing his girls.
It's nearly over... Well, there is only one day left of what has been probably one of the best holidays we have had together as a family and I can safely say “I need a holiday" to get over this one” – I AM exhausted.

It was slightly overcast when we left for Bullocks beach this morning at around 8.30 but it was a welcome change from the heat. We didn’t have to walk around this time as David had to return the car that we had from the weekend so he dropped us off on the way. On his return he even brought me back a cafĂ© latte. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning really – relaxing on the beach with a good book drinking coffee – pretty close to heaven really. The sun did come out around mid morning for a few hours, thankfully though it wasn’t at hot as the past few days. The kids were enjoying themselves and having so much fun floating up and down the beach with the outgoing tide they didn’t want to leave but we thought we better give their hungry tummies something so around 12.30ish we rock hopped our way back to Kings Beach again. It started to rain a little on the way back but it didn’t turn into the usual downpour. Last time we were here we got caught in a storm and we came back drenched, which the kids thought was rather amusing. It wouldn’t have mattered much if it had of as we were all in our bathers this time. We are still waiting for a storm at night to light up the sky for us but I just don’t think it will happen this year, but we do have two nights left so maybe….. The kids found a “live looking” dead crab on the way home and decided to take it back with us, disappointed that I wouldn’t let them bring it “home” in to our unit. David and I wanted another surf whilst the tide was out whilst the kids had their lunch.

We spent a lazy afternoon reading and kids watched a bit of a TV and actually slept. They then played tennis with David whilst I went for a walk to the bookshop to buy myself, yes, another book. Can’t believe I’m up to my fifth novel but this one sounds quite funny – Its called The Undomestic Goddess – about a girl who needs to slow down, find herself and discover what an iron is for…….geez it sounds familiar... though I don’t really feel I need to discover the iron part and well the Goddess part….hmmm maybe not that either.

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