Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Its Raining Its pouring - We are going shopping

We woke up today and it was blowing a gale and pouring rain - not quite the way the way we had planned spending the last day BUT if the weather forecast is correct we have been very fortunate with the weather we have had. Up to today anyway. It doesn't look like the sun is going to shine much for another week so us leaving tomorrow is really good timing. Again we have been looked after PERFECTLY. We watched some of our home movies which David had brought with him to sort out, so that gave us all a bit of a giggle for awhile remembering some of the times we have had together. Followed that up with an early lunch and then caught the bus to Kawana Waters (for a brief stop and look) and then onto Maroochy again. Nothing like a little Retail Therapy to fill in a yucky day. David would have had to go in later anyway to pick up the car, so instead we all decided to go on a one way ticket. As it turned out the girls wanted to go to the pictures so guess what we ended up doing!!!!- We went and saw GAME PLAN - very funny and can recommend it to anyone. Would you believe that was the first time we have ALL been to the pictures together as a family. All the girls, yes even me, got a bit teary in one part (Walt Disney films do that to do) but it was a great story.
Came home, had tea. I packed whilst David took Ellie and Caitling to the park with the flying fox (bit of a habit after dinner) and got a bit teary again to think that our wonderful time away is nearly over.

At least tomorrow we have the car for the whole day so I think we will spend it looking around Brisbane as it seems like forever since we have been there so am actually looking forward to it and glad we have a late flight home.

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Sandra said...

Hi Lis... I've really enjoyed reading about your holiday... sounds like you all had a fabulous time away. That's what it's all about isn't it. It was the typical beach holiday... ohhhhh can't wait to see all the tropical layouts lol. Welcome back.