Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Mighty Cats

How were those Mighty Cats on the weekend. I wasn't planning on jumping on the band wagon but how can you not at the moment in Geelong. The whole town has gone insane. I can't believe how much it has affected everyone. My DH David hasn't come back down to earth and is replaying the DVD over and over again (He couldn't wait until Christmas which is when I was going to buy it for him - he went straight out and bought it himself as soon as it went on the market).

We took the girls into the city Saturday after the game - that in itself was pretty exciting - VERY LOUD with car horns blaring everywhere and everyone yelling - you could tell they werent' too sure of what was going on but incredible to see how the whole of Geelong were sharing in the Cat's glory. It really did make you feel good. Even David who is normally not an extravert was walking down Moorabool Street yelling out and Hi 5ing strangers - not the same person at all. The girls thought he was more embarrassing than their mother for a change.....though if you had of seen me that may have been debatable...Think of the Cat in the Hat but blue and white instead of red and white. Yep....it had to be done...

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Al said...

Yay! 44 years and the drought has broken in Geelong.
I love your story on this Lis and I know how excited the whole of Geelong is.

PS Might have to get Social Club tickets next year ;)