Sunday, 23 September 2007

Looks Can FOOL you

This is our new puppy - well actually she is not really that little now but this is a few months ago when we first got her as an Easter present for the girls. Cute, gorgeous and TOTALLY DESTRUCTIVE......I have lost two pairs of shoes this week as I forgot to move them into another room when we let her in. My daughter Ellie, pictured with Meisha, has also had her crocs chewed up and another strap off another pair. She destroys anything and everything in site - doesn't care about other animals but totally jumps all over people when going for a walk and basically totally undisciplined. She was too old for puppy school (we forgot actually....) and now suffering consequences. But she is cute and cuddly and at times you just have to love her. How long does puppy stage go on?????????

She has always had a fettish for gardening pots and at time we have had more than 20 on the back lawn. She gets them out one by one from where we store them - they now resemble some form of chewed up plastic but today I just had to take this photo as whilst we were gardening she decided she would help too...Maybe she was helping pick up her own poop..Cheeky mutt.


Anonymous said...

Hehee ... look at Meisha. She's a bit cute, but yea rather destructive! Great pics Lis!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh she is just so cute and how funny with all those pot plants emm sorry to break it to you but the puppy stage usually doesn't go away trust me i have 4 of them and there destructive little buggers