Thursday, 27 September 2007

Beyond - Beyond the Page

Life at Kaiser has settled down this week thankfully but now my office is a bit quieter and a lot less laughter going on. I was fortunate enough a couple of weeks ago to be able to choose someone to come and work with me and who else could I chose but my partner in crime, and fellow scrapper, shopoholic (scrap shopping that is) - Al.
We had so much fun working together and at the same time somehow managed to finish off an amazing number of projects and still be talking to each other at the end of 3 weeks. I was a bit concerned at the start as I know Al is so organised and in the nicest possible way a "neat freak" and I am totally the opposite and work in total chaos with everything (and I mean that) out all around me. No sooner did I have everything out on my desk she would have it packed away LOL LOL. Anyway Al it was a pleasure, loads of fun and thanks again for helping out.

This is the new Scrapbook organiser that we finished off together.
Its a bit cute I fink.


Al said...

LOL LOL Lis ... the album looks great. Were there any pics of the inside? Cos it was pretty nice inside as well.
I loved working with you - and yes, *coughs* neat freak here, and messyaholic you are LOL. But it worked!
And it was fun and I totally loved it working with you at Kaiser - like I said ... thank you for such an amazing opportunity!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh this is gorgeous. totally gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, did i say gorgeous. hey why didn't anyone swing past and pick me up