Sunday, 11 December 2011

Catch Up–Take a Breath

Do you ever truly just wonder where times goes.  Its two weeks until Christmas – I don’t know about you but i am madly trying to cram as much stuff as i can into a day.  Today i didn’t even get out of my PJ’s – and yet worked all day…  Doing what you may ask – well putting some finishing touches onto classes for our scrapping cruise in January.  If you have never been on one – you will seriously have to look into the next one in 2013 – cant believe i am saying that date – it doesn't quite seem right.
photoHere is a little sneak peak of one class.  i have been busy writing instructions all day for this and for other kits for work.  Whew and now i am totally exhausted but i think i am also finished.  Now just to write a few wish lists and sort out some ok ALL  the Christmas presents. At least i can say i started some Christmas shoping yesterday.   Does any one else feel like they are buying presents just for the sake of buying presents at Christmas.  I even ask my kids what they want and they don’t really know. 
Anyway i promised a little while ago that i would give you a closer look at the class i taught in South Africa. Well here it is.  The instructions for this can be downloaded HERE if you would like to do it.  There is a little bit of fussy cutting but most of it is actually from the gorgeous sticker sheets that come with the range.  I’m sure you can still pick up the Bonjour range around some of the LSS.Layout
Back in November – we at Kaiser released what was one of my favourite ranges Madam Boutique (yes latest favourite – but that has already changed again as i have seen what is due to come out)….
Love the colours of this range and its absolutely perfect for old heritage photographs.  This double layout is a little bit precious at the moment as it features my grandma who jas just in the last couple of days been put into hospital – she had a brain haemorrhage and another stroke.  Pop passed away a couple of months ago – at 100years of age and mummum (that what i call my grandma) is 98.  Can you imagine being married for 70 years and still living together in their own home looking after each other.  Looking 100 years of age in the eyes.  I don’t know how many of us will make it to that age but gosh – my grandparents have been so lucky to see what they have and live for as long as they did.  Sounds like I’m speaking in past tense but we don’t think she will see Christmas.
imageIve Again I can’t share much of what i have been up to as its all pretty much for collections coming out in the next six months and for CHA.  Though you may have seen a few of these around the LSS.  I have been busy designing some class kits for all the upcoming ranges.  They consist of mainly the papers, collectables, sticker sheets and a few embellies but you can get three layouts out of them and still have lots left over.  You can either follow the instructions for the layouts illustrated or use the product to get creative yourself.  .  Check out one of your Local Scrapbook stores and you may find that they still have some kits/product available for sale.
If you missed out on these from your local scrapbook store you can download the instructions for these three layouts here
Another new range that came out last month was Cockadoodle Doo.  This is a fun range for kids that is great for those photos on the far or outdoors. 
Again if you have missed out on this from your local scrapbook store you may still be able to get hold of some of the products. If not you can download these instruction here.
Kaiser has great new ranges released this month and have again released layout kits for these ranges.
If you would like to get your hands on the products/instructions for these layouts – check out your local scrapbook store.
Thanks for looking and playing catch up with me.  Hopefully i will get a chance to post a few more sneak peaks of what i have been up to in the next week.

can also download instructions here.


HarmonySweetpea said...

Gorgeous..all of it. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Scrapbook cruise sounds amazing. Would love to come one day!

Adriana B said...

Love all the creations..... my fav is the "Sweet Nothings" collections... just wonderful :)