Monday, 12 December 2011

Easy As Gift Idea–Madam Boutique

We recently had a retailers day here at Kaisercraft. It was a great day and great for us to put faces to the names of people who support us and for them also to meet everyone who works here. After getting a tour of the place and seeing the upcoming ranges I had the privilege of taking them for a small workshop and we all made the following frame.
With Christmas fast approaching this may be something you can also make as a quick and easy gift idea for someone. All you need is the following products.
SB2101 Bracket Frame

PS180 Gown Die Cut

P751 Knickers
CT701 Cllectables

EM928 Natural Shades Lace
F632 Sage Paper Blooms
F652 Terracotta
Paper Blooms
FL380 Flying Birds

Use Vintage Photo Distress ink/stain to colour the edges of the frame. If using anink pad and blending tool, you main need  to go over the edges a number of times to deepen the colour until you reach your desired shade.
Using the template(Download HERE) cut just outside the red line on from one point to another .Use this template as a guide, move it from one corner to the next, marking each of the inside corner of the frame to be cut out on PS180 GOWN Die Cut paper. (If possible round each corner with craft knife using the black square as a guide). Carefully use a craft knife and steel ruler to cut out the insert. Ink edges of the die cut if desired before adhering to the frame.
Cover the separate back piece using the sepia reverse side of P751 KNICKERS.
Adhere to the top right corner of the back piece a doily die cut and a lady die cut on the bottom. The edges of these diecuts can be inked if desired.
Matte a PORTRAIT 4”x6” photograph using the blue reverse side of P753 PINAFORE. Ink edges and position on an angle on the back piece along with an inked tag (from collectable pack) tucked under the right edge. Before adhering, position frame over the top to double check the placement of the photograph, adjust if necessary.
Run glue along the lower edge under frame cutout and gather lace across the width of the opening.
Adhere to the top of this place the brown ruler die cut.

Cut out two circles from P753 PINAFORE leftovers and create a flower in blue and yellow. One yellow and one blue (reverse) side. See flower instructions below.

1. Cut a circle and then cut a spiral towards the centre.
Ink or distress outside edges of the spiral if desired.


2. Lightly dampen or mist paper to soften. Crumple circle.
Slightly roll over the outside edges, working towards the centre.

image3.  Starting from the outside edge of the circle roll towards yourself, work towards the centre, ensuring the edges are still slightly folded over to create the curved petals.     If you think your rose is wound too tightly let it go slightly until you are happy.  Glue edges underneath so it won’t unwind.

Adhere the flowers towards the lower left corner of frame, clustered with a combination of flower cutouts from KNICKERS, paper blooms and other diecuts and cut out elements from the papers.
Ink edges of a wooden flourish bird and adhere to the top of one of the flowers.
Cut the bud and leaves off the large rose die cut. Layer separately using foam tape to the upper right corner of the frame along with other flowers cut from KNICKERS tucked under the edges of the yellow rose. Further decorate this corner with paper blooms.  Rub on quote to the frame to complete.

Have Fun


HarmonySweetpea said...

Gorgeous. I really do love this collection. Haven't yet had a chance to work with it but its sitting here ready :)

Adriana B said...

what a awesome frame, really love what you have done with it....beautiful :)