Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sth Africa– Part 2 KICHAKA

There would have to be no doubt in my mind that as an instructor this one part of the trip that we are all looking forward to – going to Kichaka. Kichaka is an exclusive five star luxury Private Game Lodge outside Grahamstown, an hour drive from Port Elizabeth.  If you want an experience of a lifetime this is a place where i can guarantee you will be thoroughly spoilt.
We arrived and were welcomed by the gorgeous team with warm washers, infused with lemon thyme (or something like that) and lovely drinks
I was even introduced to Biltong – a cured meat.
I think this one was Kudu, which really the thought of eating was just not a happening thing –until…. i tasted it.  Well Jason (Manager) replenished the bowl three times whilst we were sitting relaxing the day we arrived.  It actually tastes fantastic – and according to Nic and Paul a great source of protein.  Im sure that day i well and truly had my share(and everyone elses) of whatever protein our bodies required.  WE were totally spoilt for three days thanks to Jason (host with most) and his team and were never wanting anything – they totally looked after us.
This was our schedule for each day.
5.30am – Wake Up Call (yep up with the animals)
5.45am – Light snack and hot chocolate if you like – not too much fluids as no toilets on the way and im useless at the best of times. 
6.00am – Leave on Game drive
8ish – Stop for hot choccie again – Bumpy roads and fluids have taken their toll and yep pitstop required behind the bush – see told you i would have to go
11.00 – back for breakfast.  Not only is this a full continental spread but it comes with cheeses and nuts and everything else you can imagine but HANG ON there is more….. A menu.  So basically this is just something to snack on whilst you wait for your hot breakfast to arrive.
After all of this you are ready to kick back and relax but hang on….there is more!!!!
1.00pm- Its lunch time – gee haven't we finished breakfast..... at least this is light – Salad, skewers or soup  (all all three if you really want)
Now there is just enough time for that to settle before – hang on – MORE FOOD!!!!! forget the food settling
3.30pm  - SNACKS – Come on  you can't go out on a game drive on an empty stomash.....OMgosh you certainly are not going to starve here.  The food is to die for.
4.00pm  - Another Game Drive – more animals to be seen.
6pm ish – Another pitstop and of course Hot Chocolate – though for some Amarula and Brandy (hmmmmmm) – if you haven’t tasted this you have to.  I was introduced to this last time i visited Kichaka and it came home with me.  Just a little something to warm the tummy on a cold night whilst watching looking at the most GORGEOUS sunsets….
7.30pm  - Back for Dinner.  Well i have eaten some beautiful food in my time but this would rate amongst the best ever.  This is 5 Star dining at its best. The presentation, portions and the quality of food are just beautiful.  Game meat cooked to perfection and it just topped off the day spectacularly.  There is NOTHING you could ask to be done better.  Maybe some Rangers that aren’t so easy on the eye.  Laura (Glitz) and i were still reminiscing over Jamie from last year but i think Ashley you may have taken his place….  all part of the service.. see what more could you ask for.

Anyway here are a few of my favourite pics from the trip.  My very bestest favourite is the tree below.

Quotes - Page 001
 Right in the middle of nowhere surrounded by gorgeous yellow flowers (probably weeds bu they looked good) and wait for it …….. rhinos thrown in for good measure – yes rhinos, there is this beautiful tree. Even better it was a good old fashioned (aussie) gum tree. It doesn’t matter where you are on earth, God can remind us of his love for us, even on the trees and flowers. Sometimes we just have to open our eyes a little and look. Cool isnt it!!!
Here are a few other pics
Ever seen a 5 legged elephant
He may have been bored but i was impressed with the teeth
Beautiful isn't she
I love big butts
Go on come and get us - they tried!!!!
Here pussy pussy.... too cute . 
You just want to cuddle them.
Stunning - dazzle of zebras.   And heaps of babies....
Way too much fun to be had.
 And just in case these aren't enough here are some more of the gorgeous creatures God has put on this earth for us to enjoy....  and they are just plentiful in South Africa.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  I know it was choc full of pictures but i hope you enjoyed them.
Will be back again later this week with the end of the trip in Cape Town


Adriana B said...

Looks like you have a wonderful adventure :)

Debby Schuh said...

I love reading and reliving our trip again! It was wonderful to get to know you and David better... let's hope we do get to do it again someday!

Kathie said...

WOW Melissa....awesome...loved the slide show at the end to....amazing creatures....radiating the magnificence of God their creator .....thank you so very much for sharing with me...(I was supposed to have made the trip in August...alas it didn't happen)
Love Kathie

Shelley said...

Fantastic post Mel..... Thanks for sharing.