Thursday, 13 May 2010

SIA Wrap Up

Its been a week and i still haven't posted about SIA. It was great to be apart of SIA this year and be a part of the Scrapbooking Industry and see what everyone is up to in Australia. It was also really great to catch up with so many familiar faces and friends that i really only get to see once or twice a year. It was a pity we didn't really have a couple of extra days to do a little more chatting.
Finally i can let the rest of you in to what i was up to and that sneak peak i posted a couple of weeks ago - Mystery over. I was asked to do a clock for an auction that was held on the crop night at SIA to raise money for a worthy cause (ooops sorry forgotten the actual cause at the moment) - anyway here is my clock. This is probably one of those projects you make knowing you have to give it away but really want to keep for yourself. Anyway i now have a pic so fully intend to make one for myself shortly. Maybe a class would be something i should plan. (You can scroll down to previous post for close up shots)

Anne-Marie Rayner ended up buying the clock for her store - Memories that Last. I first met Anne-Marie on the Scrapbook cruise last year - she is fantastic and lots of fun. It was great see you to Kylie - the girls loved the photos, especially your note to them on the rubbish bin....LOLSo glad it went to someone i know, also due to the size of it glad it was someone in Sydney as i was kinda little worried how they would ship it back if it was interstate. Not sure exactly how much the clock went for but i think it was over $250 and all up the clock auction raised over $2000.
Well done to all the SIA committee girls for all the organising and a job well done. I know i had lots of fun and look forward to next years....
A couple of pics from the show.
This is Becky Fleck - Page Maps guru. I think we all have referred to that book at one time or another. I wish i had of taken mine up with me for her to sign.... oh well.
Heidi and Emily. Unfortunatley i wasn't able to do Mystified in Melbourne due to travelling back from China, but was able to get into classes with both Wendy and Heidi at CHA. It was great to learn some Glimmer Misting techniques - there is so much more to that product than just adding a little sparkle and glimmer to your pages or flowers.... WOW lots to practice and experiement with now.

And well yes here i am on our stand. I was up there to work and take a class but still had time to have a bit of fun and lots of laughs.
Thanks to all for dropping by and all the helpful comments and suggestions.
Look forward to catching up with some of you again in Brissy next month


Liz said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to see you at Brisbane SIA...counting down the weeks.

Renee said...

OMGosh Mel that clock is stunning!