Sunday, 2 May 2010

Back again.... well briefly

WOW is all i can say about China. Did you know they have absolutely hardly any road rules. A toot of a horn means someone is coming through so get out of the way - they also don't stop to let you cross a road or anything either.... There are no such things as queues, you either push in or get pushed in front of. Anyway besides the swollen ankles from all the walking around the trade shows we had a good time and achieved heaps - lots of food for thought. Golly gosh though its going to be hard to pay full price for anything back here in gift shops now seeing the prices of how much things actually do cost to produce. Someone is making a lot of money... Even today i saw something in a gift shop for $24 that i could have bought off the street for $1. grrrrrrr now i wish i did. Oh well.
Back to work tomorrow morning then off to Sydney tomorrow night. Really should be packing but walked into my scrap room and saw a couple of pics sitting there. Not that i really had time but i just had to scrap them as i remember just how much i laughed when Al was trying to take them for me (thanks Al). I needed a photo for a visa so i could get into China and I was seriously standing there trying to hold up a white board behind my head and keep a straight face. Something that just wasn't going to happen. These couple, even though a bit blurry, turned out to be my favourites, probably cause im doing what i love - laughing..... i also had in my mind what someone at work told me the other day when things weren't quite going the way i wanted them to, to always let my light shine....ha.. not always easy.... and then the words to one of my favourite songs LIVE FOR TODAY from Natalie Grant popped into my head. It says in one bit to let your little light shine like there is no tomorrow. So often we can worry about what will happen tomorrow we forget to enjoy today. So with that in mind im ready again to go off into the big wide world and to do as only i know how - LIVE OUT LOUD and have fun. Don't forget to drop by and say hello if you are going to SIA

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