Monday, 22 March 2010

Another couple of months worth...

What a day.... Did you ever have one of those days where you feel like you didn't stop working but then when you look at what was actually done it still didn't feel like much. That was my day today. With all we have on at the moment its easy to feel like there is no end in sight and the big picture is just getting so big that one could easily loose sight of it. At the moment if i looked at everything as a whole and what we had on, i think most people would freak out, but Im learning to try and tackle just one day at a time and even just one job at a time. Things aren't as bad as you think when you break everything down to smaller things and knock them off the your list one thing at a time. So even though nothing major was accomplished today lots of little things got the big tick and it was nice to leave work knowing that some of thelittle things that have been niggling at me, have been done. When you have been a part of a team for soooo long and then you have to step in and now manage it, it certainly is a learning experience all of its own - certainly not a dull moment at the minute and not a day going by where im not learning something new. From cutting and pasting, im now learning all about the thickness and types of papers we use to the inks we use to print on them to publishing mags and all sorts of other things..... not bad for a kindergarden There is a whole lot more to a pretty design on a piece of paper and getting it printed..... let me tell you.

Anyway here are another couple of canvas layouts i did for the Lucky 13 girls and the ones they did for me. Probably one of the hardest things about this challenge was actually scrapping someone elses photographs. You know they mean so much to the owners so you don't want to stuff them up but its not as easy as doing your own as you know how you were feeling at the time the photos were taken. Anyway it was a fun challenge and again one i felt privaledged to be a part of.

Page for Stephanie Page from Stephanie
Stephanie chose to do us a cover for our albums - just love it. Page for Melanie

and one she did for me.

and a
Page for Angela
and im just waiting for the postman to arrive with with one from her. Can't wait to see what she has done .

This next page is for Donna

and just love the one she did for me. Only a few more to share so be back again tomorrow for the last few.


Renee said...

Wow I love all these canvas pages Mel. They are going to all look awesome in an album.

Liz said...

Such a fun idea...and of course your layouts are inspiring!

Rebecca Beattie said...

I am really enjoying seeing all these pages you did for each other. Regarding the management stuff... it is easy to get bogged down on what 'didn't' get done that day, so it is good to see you are focusing on what you did get done... even if they are little things, they all add up! I am sure you are making a SUPER manager for the team and they love ya! xxx

Nerrida said...

Love what you do - all your projects are terrific!