Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Twenty Ten - One Little Word - POTENTIAL

I haven't really had time to sit down and think much about this but today i did. Finally had a little time for me and sat and read a number of blogs from people who inspire me - people who inspire me to do better , to be better and many of them have chosen a word to focus on for the year . Ali Edwards did this "One Little Word" thing back in 2007 - read about the original concept here
As Ali says in the post - "it is a word that sums up what you want for yourself this year".
After a lot of "soul" searching and thinking - going from one word to another, family, priorities well big yeah, geez this is hard. Focus is needed, balance would be a good one, can't get by without love love love, change I need, change is a goody and actually very close to almost being MY word but I have gone with POTENTIAL.
"One little word can have great meaning in your life if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities" Ali Edwards
I think I was just touching on this "word" when i designed my class for South Africa and is something that Im still very passionate about encouraging people to be - being yourself. We are all so different and all have loads of potential. Me, well I still have to convince myself at times of my worth and when I look in the mirror at times tell myself that I have loads of potential, but I know I can only reach it by being myself - not trying to copy the next person or change to be like someone else. Some of you may laugh and think Mel you have it together but if you only knew some of the thoughts I have - Im no different to you.
Anyway 2010 - i think if i focus on POTENTIAL - i think many of the other words i toyed with will play their part too - especially change. Change is good
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" E.E. Cummings
Well I want to know what I have in me, I have dreams, desires that I have toyed with for awhile now and I think I have the courage to give some a try and if things have to change to do so - bring on the change, Twenty Ten here I am. What is in store? I don't know but Im ready.
Before I go here are a couple of pages I did before Christmas. Not having posted these just shows me how far behind i really am. These are from two ranges that have been re-released but in different colour schemes especially for Spotlight stores. You may still see them around the traps in a few LSS. Both ranges look very different to the originals with the changes to the colours and additional papers added. There are now 12 double sided papers in each range.
Empire Paper Range
Praire Lane Paper Range

Hope you all get the chance to sit and have a think about a word that you would like to focus on for yourself in 2010. Its worth the thought.



Christine said...

Love your "word" Mel and your pages are beautiful as always!

Renee said...

Ohhh great word Mel!

“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy,” quote by Og Mandino.

I love your layouts, they are gorgeous.
Renee xox

chez said...

Great word Mel, Mine has to be faith. I need to let go and live by faith. Luv ya Chez.

Liz said...

Hi Mel. Happy New Year to you! I look forward to catching up soon...

Potential is a great word. You never really arrive there - so it's exciting to go on the journey to fulfilling it - knowing all along there's always more to do, more to change and more to improve. Now that makes for an exciting life!! (And even more so when you are in His service).

I haven't thought about my word. Maybe I'll have one by 2011!!

Christine said...

Hey Mel,

Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I am so excited, and glad I don't have to keep that secret anymore!

Tanya said...

I know I'm a tad late but POTENTIAL is a great word. Hope you are having fun over at CHA!!!

Monica said...

That's a great word and something that as scrappers we all aspire to have :0)
Love your layouts, your work is always beautiful!

Sheila said...

Hehe, don't want to be negative but wanted to share this. Choose 'balance' as my one little word for the year. On New Years day I fell down the stairs and bruised my rib and on 22nd January I fell while skiing in Bulgaria and broke my pelvis. Hehe. As a result I have abandoned the 'one litle word' concept for this year and shall think long and hard about my word for next year - would't want to choose 'peace' and have all hell break lose! Best wishes, Sheila Northern Ireland

Al Hannah said...

I replied to this earlier ... hmmm! Not sure where my comment went?
Great word "potential". Means a lot of things.
You have oodles of potential girl. Stick with your word ... I can see opportunities opening all the time for you, and I'm glad to be a friend to watch and share it with you x