Sunday, 23 August 2009

Weary Traveller returns

Caitlin - She is gorgeous isn't she? This was taken yesterday at her calisthenics competition. The makeup doesn't help but she growing up so fast. I can't share all the photos (i took too many as you do) but here are a couple of my faves that i did up tonight - having a bit of a play with the old digi. Boy oh boy im starting to get hooked especially as you can whip up a layout without having to get all your stuff out.

It feels like forever since i have sat down and updated this blog. Trust me when i say its not because i haven't done anything - but the exact opposite. The problem is we had been so busy prior to CHA getting all the new Q2 products finished but everything i have been working on lately is not due to be released for a couple of months - so sorry still can't share.

then i don't know if you know what i mean but i really just needed a break. Since returning from CHA i have just been spending many of my nights after work playing games with the kids till they have to go to bed - then by the time they are all down i just tend to flake it on the couch. It was probably one trip where i really missed them more than normal, not that i don't normaly but this time i really felt so far away. As always i loved catching up with all the familiar faces and friends I have met over the years and totally loved doing the make and takes again and meeting some new faces - though my poor feet didn't really like me this trip. Not sure whether it was just the change of temperaure but boy was it HOT!!!

Here is a couple of snaps of a few special girls - Leica Forrest. This is one seriously talented girl. Can you believe (so Ive just realised too) her blog is called "I am here to live out loud" - snap i say - so is mine - well sort of. Anyway just thinking of her makes me smile and like i said it was lovely to be able to catch up, even if it was ever so briefly, once again.and here is Elena and Candice, again two very gorgeous and awesome girls who i have the privaledge of joining this year doing a circle journal - Lucky 13 (see link on side) - i really must sit down and catch up on my last two pages - sorry Elena (its next on my list of - to do's)

What else has happened in the life of Mel. Well its been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster the past few weeks. Big highs and just as good lows and just lots of issues happening at the moment that are needing to be dealt with. Thankfully things are on the improve.

it was great today catching up with an old "bestie"friend, someone who is as "loud" as i am and also not afraid to tell it like it is LOL. and just like me it has got her into trouble at times. anyway it was so nice to be able to be completely frank and honest with someone without thinking you will offend. Isn't lovely when you can go your own ways for awhile but then when you get back together it feels like no time has passed. Do you have friends like that - one that you haven't seen for ages but then when they come back into your lives its like they never left. Lots of laughs - that could be the couple of bottles consumed but it was a fantasic day.

And as for this week - i hope to be able to have the time to share some more with you but im trying to focus on preparing my classes for the SA Convention which all of a sudden is just around the corner. Its actually a little exciting.

Well im going to bed now - im sure there is more to share but i don't want to bore you so i just hope you all had a lovely weekend and thanks for looking.



Liz said...

WoW! You've been busy... I hope you are going to the Q2 party next week... We're flying over for it before we head to Thailand for my brother's wedding. We're also bringing Hilary... She's so excited about that! Hope to see you then.

ros said...

wow!! these are beautiful pages and yes, she does look gorgeous. nice to see some of ur work again Mel, hope things are slowing down for you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, it HAS been a while since you blogged! I've missed your updates, but I knew you were busy with CHA and everything. I'm enjoying your digi LOs, although I STILL won't go there yet! Can you believe I'll be in Geelong next week?!?! Liz is right - I am excited LOL

Tanya said...

Oh wow Caitlin is beautiful! Love your digi layouts. Can't wait to see Q2 and everything you have created with it!

Renee said...

Caitlin is such a beautiful girl!! Loving your digi layouts too :)