Sunday, 30 August 2009

Finally catching up

Im not sure what you do with your children's artwork but we usually have it plastered all over the double doors between our lounge and living area. Gorgeous isn't it - well... there is some you love and some you don't but don't they just love seeing it all over the place. Well this last lot has glorified my doors for way too long so yesterday i photographed it all for the girls and filed it away on the computer. This allows me to be ALLOWED to throw it out now in the recylce bin. God bless them..... Anyway five minutes down with the old and some new "art" is back up again - where the latest lot was stashed im not sure but anyway they were certainly excited to be able to 'redecorate'.

As for old 'art', whilst in the photographing mood yesterday I snapped a couple of shots of the layouts i did at the last Crop for A Cause. They aren't anything to rave over but it was one of those days that I was just happy to get rid of a few photos that i have had sitting in the case waiting to be scrapped. With Father's Day coming up though i must admit i really love the DAD one. DAvid truly is sooooo good with the girls and they just adore their daddy too.

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Lisa said...

Those layouts are super stunning Liss! Love Al's Birthday layout! Gorgeous!