Saturday, 16 May 2009

Just where have i been lately

The way my head is at the moment i could ask myself the same question. I am totally exhausted but finally seeing a light at the end of everything. A huge thank you to all our wonderful friends for all your love and support in the last couple of weeks with the passing of David's dad. Finally got around today to getting back on top of things and having a big clean up here at home. As is happened just after the big workshop (which by the way raised over $2000), everything kinda got dumped in the lounge room and hadn't been touched until today... David and his family as you can imagine are up and down but now the funeral is over and done with things are slowly getting back to normality - if you can ever possibly say that.
As for working full time and having to do housework - well I seriously think there should be some kind of law against it.This is really now a bit of a catch up post. We have been so busy at Kaisercraft lately getting the new releases ready that I haven't done too much else but it won't be long before we can share all that with you.
Here are a few bits and pieces that I have done lately.

For a recent technique focus in Scrapbook Creations we had to do a different shaped layout and i must admit i had lots of fun with this one. For those of you who can't get their hands on one of the mags instructions on how to reconstruct a page similar are shown below as part of the article. Both Deb and Al did gorgeous layouts as well so if have the mag check it out.
Here are a few layouts that I did for some Kaisercraft kits that have been released this month.

Check out all the kits available HERE These are great value at around $29 each, especially when you think you are getting all the product for 2 layouts and a Beyond the Page project, with loads of extra bits left over once you have finished. I can guarantee you won't be able to buy the product to make them for less.


ros said...

My thoughts were with you and ur family Mel.I'm glad to hear that normality is creeping back in.
Ur pages are looking awesome and I loved the one in the mag. The shape was fantastic. Cute dog!!

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, sorry to hear that the family has suffered a loss - hugs!
And thank you for sharing your beautiful work here - just gorgeous!!!