Sunday, 5 April 2009

Time Out

Be Content with what you have

Rejoice in the way things are

When you realise there is nothing lacking

the whole world belongs to YOU

- Lao Tzu -

Life is good and right now - sitting by camp fires in Bright (toasting marshmellows), rock hopping down the creek, getting close to nature...LOL OK not really getting that close but it doesn't get much better than this and the weather is totally fanstastic. A week ago I certainly wouldn't have said that. This holiday certainly came at a good time for me cause i was needing a "TIME OUT". I am actually starting to think clearly again though there was nothing like having a work appraisal to snap you back to reality. Not that I have done anything wrong (hmmm don't fink)but I certainly had been dwelling on a few incidents that had totally screwed up my attitude of late. I let someone push all my buttons and get under my skin - thankfully they pushed one too many and other people saw what was going on. Thanks to a couple of great friends they have made me see that I was spending way to much time letting this get to me. (thanks girls - you know who you are)... So here i am back again to normal
- Happy Go Lucky - Live Out Loud . Just try and get me down... no way.. as i said LIFE IS GOOD.

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