Monday, 6 April 2009

More pics to share

FAILURE is the greatest opportunity to learn who I really am
- John Killinger –

Continuing on from yesterday – being away from work actually makes me think about something other than scrapping – can you believe that. Well not completely as i have seen some great colour combinations up here when looking to buy a jacket…lol it seems everything is a paper range. Seriously though can you believe someone who takes photos and scraps all day could actually go away with three cameras, including my new one from Christmas and every single one of them have flat batteries. Not only that, i didn’t bring the charger – so my new SLR has been packed away and after a visit to the supermarket have some new batteries for the next best thing – so the oldie but a goodie has come back out to play…. I still can’t believe it.
Oh well at least I got two days of playing with my new one before it died.

Moving on and as I was saying have had the chance to do a bit of thinking and reading a really good book “Failing Forward” and just want to leave you with a thought that was highlighted in the chapter I am reading at the moment

We can change our whole life and the attitude of people around us simply by changing ourselves
-Rudolf Dreijurs -


Lyndal said...

Too true Lis - and it's a whole lot easier to change ourselves too!!
Glad to see you're enjoying your well-deserved break!

BeckBT said...

Hey Mel,

You all look like you had a fantastic time away.... missed you at the last crop!

I will pop in with bub as soon as I can, but will miss the next 'crop for a cause' as it is 4 days before I am due...