Saturday, 11 April 2009

Glad to be HOME..... i think

finally home from camping.... and i'm glad - i think
certainly glad to get off an air mattress
not sure i like the 5 loads of washing
why did my girls have to change their clothes at least three times a day

and now that the washing is done - do i really have to put it all away
thank goodness David will iron it

Now to sorting out my scrapbooking papers
how do you do it
i can't see my floor for papers everywhere and trying to work out a system
is there one???? what have you girls all done to keep them sorted
brands??? colors????
think i will look at it again in the morning
hope the dog doesnt' run through it all before i do

for any of you who are interested still in attending the crop - please get your registrations in as soon as possible. We are already up to 50 attendees - only places held will be the ones that have sent in payment and forms. Don't miss out - a great day and week is planned....
go to for more details

now to catch up on a little more sleep


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa, I have mine sorted by colour as I used to heaps of colour challenges and it was just easier, but recently when I've needed to submit things to certain manufacturers using their supplies, it took sooooo long to go through all the papers looking for specific brands so I wish I had of done it by brand in the end. Wouldn't it be grand to have enough space and paper racks to do by brand and colour? I can only dream.......

Tash Allen said...

yep that's the problem about going on holidays isn't it! we have the same thing going on here right now (and I too am glad to be back in my own bed!) As far as the PP... a never ending quest I think! I currently have mine all sorted in brands, with my faves at the top. hope you work it out (and I'd love to see pics when you do!) Happy Easter xx

Katie Green said...

Hi Melissa, This was a discussion topic at class on Thursday night - how to organise your paper? Some people organise by theme, colour, etc. My preference is to organise by brand. I still have to finish sorting, a job I started late last year and had to abandon. Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend.