Sunday, 15 February 2009

Yummy Lolly Bags and Invitations

I never got around to sharing these with you before I went to CHA but just came across these photos when I was searching through my stash trying to sort them out for the Photo A Day challenge.

Ellie had her birthday whilst I was away - that Im afraid is a little story in itself as I actually forgot it.... Does that make me a terrible mother??? - I certainly was quite upset about it but I totally forgot Australia is in front of the US - time wise - and so when it was Friday in the US (her birthday had already passed back here) - oops so she got her phone call a day late -and I felt pretty bad - it also gave the guys a few things to stir me about about during the day.

BUT... and this is the redeeming BUT !!!! here. I didn't forget it completely, as I did have a birthday party for her prior to leaving. But it was actually a week before the party that the fun started. Reading one of the latest For Keeps magazines I saw some cute invitations that were made and thought - hey that is a great idea for Ellie's party so anyway here is my take on them. Ellie and I had lots of fun making them together.

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