Sunday, 15 February 2009

Project 365 - A Photo A Day

If any of you are wondering what ever happened to The Snapshot of my year - Project 365 - Well I finally gotten back to it after a week I would rather forget. As much as I really wanted to keep this up to date, unfortuantely due to other committments something had to give. Anyway Im back on board, sorry for the delays and in the next couple of weeks should be back up to speed. So continue taking your photos and as you can see below, don't stress if you forget a day as you will still be getting a good glimpse of your year - give or take a couple of photos if that may be the case.

As for the random prize from the comments left when I first posted up regarding this project. (My girls have drawn out a name and the winner is Simmone with the following comments.
Congratulations Simone and if you can contact me on my email - I will send you out the rubons and clear stamps that were in the photo. Thanks for leaving your comments.
Simonne said...
Hey, I am planning on joining in on this too. Sounds great. Don't know if I will do a photo a day, was thinking more about just covering major events that happen each month.Have already purchased a folder. Yay.Thanks Melissa.

If you haven't downloaded Picasa 3 already - Im thinking its time you did. For a free downloadable program this is great. You can do so much with it and its so easy. Once I finally decided on what photos I wanted to include for January, I then opened them up in Picasa. I tried to divide them up evenly and then I created collages from them. To do this you need to select 6 - 7 photos and then select the Collage button at the bottom of your screen - it automatically does the rest for you. You can change the style of collage in the "Settings" area on the left of your screen. I formatted my pages to A4 knowing that I am going to be keeping them in the A4 page protectors.
The 4 photos below now become my summary of January. Once these are printed out of A4 photo paper you can just add a few date stamps and journal boxes or you can either cut them along the lines and scrap a few of them if you would like to add more detail. If scrapping is not really your thing as you can see you can just store them away as is in the A4 page protectors .

Posted by Picasa
As you can see you can get a quick glimpse of your year already just by looking at these.
If you store your photos in a separate special directory on your computer especially for this project - (mine are in one called 365 photos and then sub directories (with each month of the year) under that) - You can create a quick Contact sheet using this program that gives you an information Header without having to change anything. It really is so easy.
I am hoping this gives you enough to go on with for a few days whilst I put some finishing touches to some of the layouts mentioned. Examples of these to be posted up shortly.

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