Friday, 26 December 2008

Santa's Not so Little Helper

Not sure if any of you remember how my dad dressed up for us last year for Christmas morning - well more the kids really. I sometimes wonder who is the biggest kid at Christmas time - geez and Jess thinks her mum embarrases her - what about her grandpa. Anwyay just as a little reminder (sorry dad) this was last year and well he just had to try and do one better this year. OMGosh there are more photos to come but here is a little glimpse of whom we had hand out our pressies this year. Santa's Little Helper, the temporary Elf arrived having to walk half way down our street as there was no car parks at the front........Dad you never cease to entertain us and I think you are great. What a cack....I just love it - its only Jess you have to apologise too... she'll get over the embarrasement don't worry about that
I guess it really was a time to be kids at heart because after the girls had their photo taken with Santa (day before Chrissy) mum said it us our turn. Man its been a long time since i have had one of these taken.Our whole Christmas day was great. From early morning and the all present openings under the tree to Christmas with the Kaisers/Kennedy's out on their property. The girls even went swimming with their boys in the dam..... That is saying a lot for the girls, especially Ellie who stresses out when she gets sand between her toes at the beach.(sorry luv, there is lots of that to be had in the next couple of weeks) She had to deal with slimy mud and the potential eel, which we tried to tell her would be more scared of her than she of it. Then just when you think you can't fit anything else in your tummies there is dinner at my parents. Sometimes you wonder when Christmas day will ever end. .....Finally it did... with three very exhausted little girls and two big peoples.
After a huge sleep in this morning (Boxing Day) and the discovering that Im a yoga master on the Wii (yes like half of the world we got a Wii for Christmas) Im exhausted and ready for bed again. Can't believe how fast two days have past by.
Hoping you all have had as much fun over Christmas as I did. Woo Hoo


Al said...

Looks like a fun time at your place on Christmas Day Lis. Your Dad is a funny man!
Hope is was a fantastic day for you all!
See you soon ... xx

BeckBT said...

Hey Mel,
I see you had a great day for Christmas... guess now you'll need to look at those New Year's resolutions!!

Have a great NY night and see ya in the new year!