Friday, 14 November 2008

SCKC Page Layout Challege

OK for all of you who are thinking I really would like to help out here but haven't quite got the time to do so. Neither do I if I really want to think about what I should be doing right now but
Feast your eyes on this. Bear in mind these are still lacking some embellishments and journalling boxes which I am going to stamp and attach but I have just completed 59 (why not 60 - who knows) in 1.5 hours whilst David and the kids went to youth group. Please don't think I have posted this up to make myself look good cause as you can see below these layouts aren't going to win any competitions as they are quite simple but the aim in showing you this is hopefully to encourage any of you who think you aren't good enough a scrapper to help out as you can see anyone can join in here. Just lets imagine a photo and some journalling on them. Definately more than what some of these recipients probably have ever had before.

Bearing all that in mind, I am now about to raise the challenge to 500 layouts instead of 200 by the 20th December as I am positively convinced after having a go myself tonight we can do it. So look in the below post for all the details of the competition and the cause and get them to me by date set for your chance to win a little incentive, remembering the real reason we are doing this is for the kids.

So come on - get out your stash of printed papers and cardstocks that haven't used for awhile and go for it. Thanks to my Zutter DreamKuts it certainly made cutting them into 6 x 6 inch squares quick and easy but that is nothing a good old paper trimmer can't do, add a photo matte and another piece of coordinating paper and there you have it. Looks like the rest of the night will be spent adding embellies and eye candy to them (will post another photo later).

Oops looks like Kaisercraft will have to wait until tomorrow for my work to get completed...... Sorry Tom...


Debbie said...

WOW...59 Pages...Best get scrapping everyone...Thats awesome..And I am sure Tom will understand :)

Marelle said...

Hi Melissa
I have spread the word across Australia
So they should be appearing in your letterbox very soon
hugs Marellexx

ros said...

great idea!!! will definately get some pages to you. but i think i need to do similar and make some time when i know its just me and set up a little production line. hope u dont mind but i put a link on my blog about this and what ur offering. c u soon