Friday, 21 November 2008

SCKC Page Layout Challege and Update

Huge thank you to all you ladies who have or are still making some pages for the kids albums. I will post up pics of the growing piles that I am getting here at home. Big thanks to Jen Wilkinson, Michelle Lugg and Angela Lovel for your gorgeous layouts and also the piles of scrapping stuff to give them too. This will all help them.
For any of you in Geelong next Friday night, Chez is opening up the Kaisercraft Outlet workshop area for a crop night - only $5 per head to do whatever you would like to do - so its a great chance to catch up with some friends and even work on some of these pages then.

Well I am going to go and curl up in a ball on the couch. My poor mouth is hurting a little - all right actually lots. For those of who I haven't caught up with yet - I had braces put on my teeth this week (top and bottom) and am a wee bit sore and sorry for myself. If any of you are a little overweight and bite your nails like myself - I have a remedy for both - GET BRACES..... Ive lost 2.4 kg in three days and my nails have begun to grow for the first time in 40 years. Do you know baked beans come in a number of different flavours and mashed is OK. Pavalovas just melt in your mouth - thank goodness and you can grate chocolate and add teaspoons to your coffee to get the chocolate and coffee fix in one hit..... I figure in 18 months time not only will my teeth be fixed but I should be at least 10kg lighter (unless i work out other ways to get my sugar fixes) with the added bonus of beautiful long nails - well worth all those $$$$$
- Only wish I could ditch the ulcers and sore jaw right now. Everyone tells me I will get used to it so I sure hope I do. Now for any of you who are thinking - Mel you are 40 why get braces now?????? (don't deny it - people have thought this- my own boss asked me) Well this is NOT for cosmetic reasons OK - please believe me - I couldn't put myself through it - in hindsight now I don't think I'd do it again. Nah my poor old front teeth due to my bad bite have been grinding away at each other and are beginning to wear down so thin they they can chip easily. Figured its probably time to do something about it - and after all my grandparents are still in their 90's, so these teeth may be with me for some time yet so I best look after them.. It certainly will be strange to see a photo of me in 18 months or so with straight teeth - I must admit it is something I have always been slightly conscious of so kinda looking forward to the outcome too..
Chat again soon
Getting crackin' on the layouts - remember 10 FREE sets of acrlic stamps are up for grabs to the person who sends me in the most by 20th December.

Next Crop for a Cause workshop - 6th December. We are raising money for the Leukemia Foundation and putting hampers together to help out some families in the local community.
For more details - link to the blog on the right side of this one.
Hope to catch up with many of you then


Chris Millar said...

Oh Mel! Sorry to hear you're suffering with the braces. Been there, done that, so I can sympathise with you! Stock up on bonjella!!! And it will be all worth it in 18 months!

my5bratz said...

I wont be sending you pages as there is someone local who will take them to someone else for me on the coast of NSW..tho this is a HUGELY worthwhile cause and for the last 2 nites my daughters and I had VERY early mornings and have made almost 70 LOs..with LOTS more to go :0)

have posted pic from day 1 on there and have to get the new ones of luck with your challenge


Melissa Kennedy said...

Fantastic Ginny
thanks for all the help
Im sure they will be appreciated and if you have someone close you can get them to then that is fanstastic.

Debbie said...

Hang in there Mel...I felt so sorry for you on Friday. You were in so much pain.
Will be working on my LO's tonight and hope to get them to you soon.
Keep Smilin :)

Sar said...

I can TOTALLY relate Mel, I got my braces on in September, having another tooth pulled tomorrow and I guess there will be tightening happening too. I lost weight first off too which was a bonus, but let me tell does get easier to eat!!! I can pretty much manage most things now....


Wendy Smith said...

Just to let you know Melissa...that I am about to send through a box with over 250 Layouts in it..keep watch