Saturday, 27 September 2008

I can't believe how fast two weeks can go. This is how long it has been since my last post. I wish i could put up pics of all the things I have scrapped up in those two weeks but I will have to leave you all in suspense for a little longer as they were all in paper ranges that are yet to be released.

Al and I have been up to our eyeballs with new wood products and papers. No sooner than its off the printer it is scrapped. We have got 4 months of new releases to be done and scrapped up - workshops to be written all before I go away on holidays on the 18th October. Al leaves in 8 days for her wonderful holiday to Thailand - so we have been really busy trying to get as much as we can done as soon as we can.

I can assure you though that you are all going to LOVE the new papers. Well done Design team - I think the new papers are awesome and know you are all going to have lots of fun with them.

Anyway one layout I can post is the one of my Master's submission. This was in the latest issue of SCM 10.7 10 centrs from ever issue sold is given to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. That may not seem much but they usually sell a heap - so if you aren't a subscriber you should go out and get yourself this issue. We had to scrap a layout using the new range from Melissa Frances and I was privaledged to get a photo of my friend Aggie who thankfully is a survivor of this illness. Aggie is one of the girls we were able to raise some money for a while back through Crop for a Cause - she was one of our first fundraisers.

This is the layout - she looks so good considering what she was going through.


Hetty Hall said...

Can't wait to see all the new paper releases and what ever else Kaiser is gonna come up with next month. I am sure we are gonna love it as so far everything has been awesome.
Layout is beautiful Melissa, good to see some more of your work and how awesome you get to go on the cruise and teach, and for what it is worth you are ONE of the BIG names, don't underestimate yourself.
Hugs xx

Melissa said...

What a beautiful LO Melissa, and I am glad your friend is doing OK. The cruise sounds fantastic, and would so love to do it, but will have to see about the finances.
Just love Kaiser and can't wait to see all the new ranges.My sister owns Scrap-pile , an online store, so I am always nicking a few out of the pile before she uploads...LOL.
Hope you don't mind me dropping in...I am a friend of Ros Madleys and she mentioned you on her blog.Take care and enjoy your break away in October.