Sunday, 30 March 2008

Have Tent will camp...

Well we are here and all set up…finally… Actually believe it or not David and I actually set up the tent without even one argument. We must be getting better. Usually if there is ever an occasion to argue its getting that tent up. Now that we are here I am going to do my best to try and switch off from Kaiser for a few days. But for any of you who work in a “Creative” job you will understand when I say your mind is going 24/7. There is always something new to be thinking about. But I am going to try anyay.

Weather hasn’t been too bad. Little cold overnight but snug as a bug in our sleeping bags so that is OK. It really rained hard last night, thankfully we put the tarp up as well.
Today (Sunday) we ddin’t do too much except hang around the camp grounds. David went for a couple of bike rides, I went for a couple of walks and with the girls I helped them to redirect the creek so we can have our annual thong racers down the river. /Geez is the water cold… Its all fun though and the girls thought that if they were in the creek so should mummy and daddy be. Really once your feet went numb you couldn’t feel the cold….lol..

As for the rest of the day you could quite easily forget that I have a third child here. Caitlin has taken to her new bigger bike and quite truthfully we hardly see her. We were a little worried about how she would go transferring from back brakes to hand brakes but she seems to have had no major problems yet….Skye and Sam, friends of mine, both have little girls too and well the three of them seem to be rather inseperable and they are off exploring and getting up to mischief. So much changes in a couple of years, where it was mummy do this and daddy do that, now she quite the little independent miss – a little bit too big for her booties…..

Well its getting a bit nippy and need to go and sit by the fire
more updates tomorrow

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Al said...

Welcome to your camp! Well done ... no arguments. That's not always easy LOL!