Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Craft and Stitches

Sorry about the slack blogging peoples. Last Wednesday to last Sunday I was up in Melbourne at the Stitches and Craft show, at the Living Creatively stand on behalf of Kaisercraft. Wasn't getting home until late and truthfully am still trying to keep my little eyes open now. I am so tired - thankfully Easter is only a few days away. I am really looking forward to a break. Each day a different girl from work came up with me and helped out with make and takes. What a learning experience that week was. Especially the "live" on stage demo's. Ohhhh boy....not exactly something I am comfortable with but managed to get through the 5 days. Have to admit I think I may have starred in the Living Creatively blooper show due to my effort on Saturday. Now picture all of this - have an audience member fluster you with a question like is what Im using "acid free".... hmmmm is mdf acid free?????? .... not happy Jan.... anyway after getting a little flustered I put together the clock.... upside bloody down....lol... then forgot the face.. took it apart, bent all the hands of the clock (mind you this is all live....), forget your scissors so ask Fiskers peoples to lend you some...hmmm finks they may have set me up...Do you know that no matter how hard you try to cut with left handed scissors using your right hand it can't be done.... To cut a long story short.. the crowd thought I was most entertaining...that may have been due to the fact that I kinda swore, forgetting I was wearing a microphone... oh well as I said before.. a learning curve.....

Anyway we got to meet Kerri Anne Kennerley whilst she attempted to make a bag tag with us - not really sure what I thought was funny - must have been something Al said... boy it was a funny day and I just didn't stop laughing - even all the way home... That may have had something to do with the silly red jet ski (Hey Al, and that cup and a 1/2 of champers) Thanks for a fun day Al and also to Richelle, Sandra, Danielle and Chez for all the help during the other days.... Go girls... go Kaiser.

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Al said...

OMG that day was too funny. I had the best time ever. Thanks Lis ... even the trip home. I mean, how funny was it? LOL ... ok probably funny ONLY to us right Richelle *poke* ... and man, I don't know how we stumbled across that red jetski. Too funny! Ok ... you had to be there.
And the icing on the cake ... meeting Kerri Anne Kennerley. Rubbing shoulders with the stars was pretty fun ;)